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5 Ways to Show Love for Dad this Father's Day 


Every third Sunday of June, we reserve a whole day to celebrate and appreciate our dads for their love, hard work and everything else that makes them awesome. Father’s Day is another chance to express our gratitude and show how much he means to us. Here’s a list of things we can do to make this day extra special for our main man! 


1. Dedicate a storytelling session for dad! 

It’s your turn to read !  Pick out your favorite book or write your own story and set a storytelling session with dad. Get inspired with this Father’s Day story.  



2. Sing a song for dad! 

Want to show dad how much you love him? Why not sing it in a song! Check this one from ATBP! You can even ask him for a duet and sing his favorite song karaoke style! 



3. Make a family photo wall! 

Gather your family photos through the years and get ready to frame them! It’s something dad would surely appreciate as the photos take him on a quick trip down memory lane. Take decorating cues from this Epol Apple episode!  



4. Draw dad a portrait! 

Immortalize your favorite photo with dad by turning it into a portrait! Try this drawing tutorial from Art Smart! 


5. Create a personalized Father's Day Card! 

Greeting cards are a classic for a reason. They are simple yet thoughtful and lasting gifts. Try this unique Father’s Card tutorial from Art Smart!  



Fathers are also called the “Haligi ng Tahanan”  because of how dependable they are. Today, let’s show dad that he can also depend on us.  


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