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5 Ways to Celebrate Philippine Independence Day 


Filipinos celebrate Independence Day every June 12th. It’s a national holiday to commemorate Philippine’s declaration of independence from the Spanish rule. On this day, we look back at our country’s rich history especially on how Filipinos fought for freedom. What better way to celebrate this day than by sharing it with our kids, referred to by our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal, as “pag-asa ng bayan”? Here’s a list of fun activities you can try with your family! 


1. Join a flag raising ceremony and sing the national anthem. 

Observe and participate in a flag raising ceremony. You can do this on your local area or even virtually! This activity is the most common way to celebrate and be reminded of the freedom we have today. Can your kids sing the national anthem flawlessly? Introduce them to its composer by watching this video! 



2. Teach kids the meaning of the Philippine Flag. 

More than its vibrant colors, the Philippine national flag carries a piece of our history. But instead of a lecture on symbolisms, why not do it with a song? Check this one from ATBP!  



3.  Binge-watch video lessons on Philippine history.  

Want a crash course or a refresher on Philippine history? Get your popcorn ready and binge-watch quick history lessons with your kids. Start with this story on how the Philippine National Flag came to be! 



4. Create an Independence Day themed artwork. 

Why should the blue part of the flag be on top? If we hang the flag vertically, how should it look? You surely have heard kids ask these questions. Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to discuss them while getting crafty. Check this one from Art Smart with Teacher Precious! 



5. Host an Independence Day themed Game Day! 

Tap on your family’s patriotic and competitive spirit with games and quizzes about Philippine history! They are a good way to teach kids the importance of commemorating the event and at the same time do a quick refresher for the adults! Try this fun quiz from Knowledge On the Go! 



This day is the perfect time to look back and honor the heroes who made the freedom that we enjoy today possible. May the future generations continue to remember this day with love for our country and pride in our heritage. 


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