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5 Stories Your Little Storytellers Would Love


Stories have a way of transporting us to far-off magical lands where we meet a lot of interesting creatures. The possibilities are endless and your imagination could run as wild as you wish. This is surely an exciting experience especially for kids!

Whether it's before bed time or on a slow afternoon, storytelling can be a fun activity to help kids practice their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving. It can inspire them to dream big and at the same time teach them valuable life lessons. Stories are indeed magical! Here are five story recommendations to get you started! (Pro tip: These can also help you practice Filipino words with your kids since the stories are narrated in Filipino.)


  1. Ang Tamang Talukab - This is the story of the hermit crab, Mimi, who woke up one day with a missing shell. Join her adventure  as she tries to look for a replacement shell.


  1. Si Rima sa Perya - It’s the town fiesta and there’s a grand carnival! Unfortunately for Rima, she got separated from her Tito Romy while touring the carnival. Will she be able to find him?


  1. Ang Payong ni Lolo Kuneho - Lolo Kuneho needs to find his umbrella to go out and harvest his carrots before the big storm comes. With the time crunch, he now asks his granddaughter for help. This is a good story for kids to read with their grandparents.


  1. Ang Maingay na Kaibigan - This tells us the story of Gobi and Sito. They are the best of friends even though they have so many differences. Find out if they can stay friends untl the end.


  1. Ang Sorbetes – Isa loves to eat sorbetes or ice cream. However, her mom would only allow her to get ice cream once she finishes her assignment. Read this with your little ones who also have a sweet tooth!


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