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5 Self-Care Habits for Kids


Self-care seems like a big word for kids until we realize that they also go through struggles of their own. That’s why it’s important that we equip them with habits and coping mechanisms as early as possible to prepare them for whatever the world will throw their way. More importantly, we should make them feel that taking care of oneself is as essential as taking care of each other. Here are fun activities you can incorporate in their routines! 


  1. Do outdoor play. 

Playing is an enjoyable pastime, especially when done with family and friends. As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier.” Playing not only brings fun but also contributes to self-care by enhancing physical fitness, allowing for emotional expression, and serving as a stress reliever. While online games provide entertainment options, there is nothing quite like outdoor play. You can introduce them with popular Pinoy children’s games like tagu-taguan (hide-and-seek), tumbang preso , or patintero! Here’s a refresher on how it’s played! 



  1. Encourage self-expression through art. 

Doing arts activities encourages children and parents to think outside the box and gives their brain a good workout. Plus, did you know that being creative can actually help with emotional healing and self-discovery? It’s like therapy for the soul! And here’s the best part: it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can get crafty right at home! Just gather some basic art supplies and let your child’s imagination run wild. Try this fun art activity you can do together! 



  1. Read books. 

Encouraging your child to read more can do wonders for their well-being. It’s like getting the high of travelling to different worlds all in the comfort of their little reading nook! Here’s a storytelling session to get you started! 



  1. Bring out the pen! 

Have you considered encouraging your kids to start journaling? It’s a wonderful practice that offers them a private space for self-expression and reflection. By putting their thoughts, experiences, and emotions into paper, they can gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Journaling fosters mindfulness and self-awareness, promoting emotional well-being and personal growth. Here’s a quick tutorial on how they can start their journaling! 



  1. Play with a pet. 

Pets have a magical way of bringing happiness into our lives, and taking care of them can also promote self-care for kids. Activities like playing, feeding, bathing, and taking them for walks do not only help reduce stress but also give a form of exercise, benefiting one’s physical health! This is also a great opportunity for them to take on added responsibility. Thinking of getting a dog? Watch this with your kids!  



So, what self-care practices have you and your child started? It’s important to prioritize self-care, and if you’re looking to add more to the list, there are countless options!   It’s all about finding what relaxes you and brings you joy.