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5 Science Experiments Budding Kiddie Scientists Can Try At Home 


Science is an essential and fascinating part of our lives, even when we are not actively studying about it. Is your child curious about the world around them and how it works? They must be asking you questions after questions. But no need to worry because we got you covered! Let’s go get those queries answered and hear what Science has to say! 


Here are five (5) interesting experiments you and your young scientist can try at home, in celebration of the International Day of Women in Science this February 11! 


  1. How come non-biodegradable materials don’t break and decay so easily? Find out with just a plastic bag, some water, and a pencil! 


  1. Have you ever wondered what shape can carry the most weight? Some books and sheets of paper can tell you the answer! 


  1. Do you know why you sometimes get zapped by your doorknob? You’ll be *shocked* to find out the answer with a PVC pipe, a towel, and an empty soft drink can. 


  1. How do our eardrums help us hear sounds? See for yourself with a bowl, cling wrap, rubber bands, and candy sprinkles (Just make sure that the sprinkles aren’t eaten before the experiment!). 


  1. Plants need water to survive, just like us – but how can they drink water, if they don’t have mouths?  Learn about the process of capillary action with a few white roses, drinking glasses, water, and food coloring. 


Want more experiments? Visit Knowledge Channel on YouTube for more Science Says episodes for your little scientists!