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5 Plant Facts to Help You Grow Your Own Garden this Summer


Looking for an exciting new summer activity? Get into gardening! Not only is it extremely rewarding to be able to grow your own plants, but it also teaches responsibility and patience. Before you start planting some seeds, however, you need to know some very important ideas that will help you grow a thriving garden!


1. Plants are living things and have their own life cycle.


Before getting started with your garden, you need to know how a plant grows first. Completely developed plants don’t immediately spring up as soon as you plant the seed into the soil. Roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and crops need some time to develop. Knowing the plant's life cycle can be incredibly helpful when it comes to growing your own garden. This can help you in understanding how to care for them and ensure they reach their full potential.


2. Your plants need to eat too! We have leaves to thank for providing them with proper sustenance.


Every part of the plant plays an important role in their growth, and the leaves are no exception. While it is tempting to trim them off because of how much space they take, this is generally not a good idea since these are important for the plant to be able to survive. Leaves are the main player in the process of photosynthesis, where the plant is able to produce its own food using water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. Like people, plants also have to be fed and cared for in order to grow properly. Help out your plant’s leaves by watering your plant regularly and let them get some sunlight too!


3. Flowers have powers.

While great in bouquets and they beautify your garden, flowers have a purpose beyond those things. Ever wonder why you see bees, butterflies, and other insects become drawn to the flowers in your garden? It’s because they need them for pollination, a process where these particular insects are able to transfer pollens to other flowers so that they are able to produce well-grown fruits and form more seeds. There are many other uses for flowers such as their nectar being harvested by bees for the production of honey or their petals being used for human consumption like teas and perfumes. The possibilities are endless!


4. Planting vegetables is an easy way to start your garden!


Many of your favorite vegetables can be grown from the comfort of your home and you don’t have to stick with just one type of vegetable. There are many different varieties to choose from such as leafy greens like pechay, legumes like munggo, root crops like kamote, and fruit vegetables like ampalaya and tomatoes. Not only will your garden be filled with lots of interesting plants, but you will be able to eat healthier more often since these vegetables are filled with the nutrients we need to take care of our bodies!


5. Plants have the ability to cure our ailments too!


 Just when we thought plants couldn’t be more helpful in our daily lives, they are also able to help us when we are sick. It has already been established that a lot of plants provide plenty of health benefits that can prevent us from becoming sick in the first place. For the times that we do become sick, plants like ginger, Lagundi, bayabas, pandan, and tanglad can come to the rescue. Using these plants can certainly save a lot of time, energy, and money. Consider growing medicinal plants for your garden!


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