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5 Pinoy Values Worth Teaching Our Kids


There can be a number of cultural differences when it comes when it comes to things like raising kids and passing on family traditions. Families around the globe can surely name one when asked. We Filipinos even have values that can be considred unique to our culture. It says a lot about who we are as a people and can explain the things we put so much importance. Here are 5 values we listed that are still worth teaching our kids!


1. Pagpapahalaga sa Pamilya 

There is nothing Filipinos wouldn’t do for their families. In fact, a lot of our decisions are made with our family in mind. We value and maintain close ties even with extended family members. Here's a story of one family showing this dynamic. 



2. Paggamit ng “po” at “opo” 

"Po" and "opo" are words unique to Filipinos. These are usually added to sentences when talking to elders or someone they respect. Instead of saying "yes", Filipinos sometimes say "opo". On the other hand, "po" is added at the end of every sentence, may it be a statement, a request, or a question. Watch this story from ATBP to show how your kids how to use it! 



3. Pagiging Magalang 

Pagmamano, and the use of po and opo are not the only ways to show respect in the Philippines. Our behavior towards the people around also plays a big part. This includes being mindful of our tone, knowing and setting up boundaries, and even practicing patience. Take cues from this story from ATBP! 



4. Pagbabayanihan 

Bayanihan is when people come together to help someone in need. Filipinos believe that even the hardest things can be made easy when people work together. Although it served as an icon of this value through the years, the essence of bayanihan doesn’t revolve around the thought of having to carry a bahay-kubo with others. Even in simple ways, we can be a hero or bayani whenever we go out of our way and help our community.  



5. Pagiging Maparaan 

Filipinos are known for their extraordinary creativity and resourcefulness. We usually find ways to make use of what we have instead of spending a lot. Being able to adjust on situations is an important skill that can take you places. Looking for an activity to do with your kids to practice resourcefulness? Here’s a tutorial of how you can make us of old plastic bottles at home! 


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