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5 Art Activities to Help Kids Discover Their Creative Self 


Kids are out-of-the-box thinkers. They can transform the world around them through their infinite imagination. Hand them a stick, and they will turn it into a magical wand, a tissue tube into a telescope, or even a box into a castle. Kids literally look beyond the box and create something else out of it. How can we encourage their creativity? We can help them discover and hone their creativity by trying out different art activities! Here are 5 suggestions from the Knowledge Channel. 


  1. Shadow Puppetry  

Have you ever played with a light source and your hands to make shadow figures on a wall before? Maybe a shadow of an animal or an object? That's exactly how a basic shadow puppet show works. But you can elevate that puppetry into a magical show by using papers, sticks, a light source, and tapping into your unbound imagination. You can make your own characters and stories come to life.Follow this guide from Art Jam's Shadow Puppet Making! 



  1. Watercolor Painting  

Pigment is thicker than water. But if you combine them together, you’re on your way in learning how to paint. Watercolor is a great medium to start with if you want to discover your creative side through painting. This is one of the oldest forms of art and remains one of the most popular because of its affordability and versatility. Make this world colorful as you learn the concepts of color mixing, layering, and blending through watercolor painting. Here are tips and techniques from Knowledge Channel’s Art Smart to inspire you in unleashing your creativity! 


  1. Portrait Making 

Portrait making can be as easy as one, two, three because with just paper and pen, you can make a simple and enjoyable work of art. In today's digital age, where taking and uploading a picture-perfect selfie is effortless, portrait drawing can be an authentic and creative way to appreciate your looks and uniqueness. Instead of using various filters, why not embrace every physical detail through art? Learn more about facial features, proportions, and methods of portrait making from Art Smart. 


  1. Origami  

Unfold your creativity through the art of paper folding. With just a piece of paper , you can create almost anything. The different colors, patterns, and shapes of Origami allow you to express your unique style and preferences. You can also add some twists, like making greeting cards for a special someone through paper folding. But aside from artistry, Origami is considered to be beneficial for one’s health as it reduces stress and promotes relaxation. So sit back and relax while watching this tutorial from Art Smart! 


  1. Mask-Making 

Wearing a mask has been associated with hiding one's identity from others. But in Art, wearing a mask is the best way to show your inner creative self. Using just papers, scissors, and any found objects, you can decorate and experiment with masks of all colors, shapes, and kinds. This form of art is not just for young kids but also appropriate for anyone of any age. So, call everyone in the family and try this fun and interactive art activity! 



Let’s encourage our kids to continue exploring and discovering their creativity, with or without boxes, figuratively and literally. Share this article with your own artworks! Don’t forget to tag and follow Knowledge Channel’s official Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter (X) accounts!