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4 Outstanding National Artists: Do you know these facts about them?


Get creative and be inspired – February is National Arts Month! It is the perfect opportunity to recognize and honor the great National Artists of the Philippines. 


What makes one a National Artist? The simplest answer is that they have significantly contributed to the arts and culture in the country; when these contributions are acknowledged by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, then these persons are honored with the title. The rank and title of National Artist is conferred by means of a Presidential Proclamation and recognizes excellence in the fields of Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts, Literature, Film and Broadcast Arts, and Architecture or Allied Arts. 


Here are just four (4) of the many outstanding national artists we should all learn about: 


  1. Meet the “First Lady of Philippine Theatre”, Daisy Hontiveros Avellana.  


Avellana (1917-2013) was an actress, writer, and theater director. Apart from acting on both stage and films, she established the Barangay Theater Company (BTC) with her husband, filmmaker Lamberto V. Avellana. BTC produced and staged productions written by some of Philippines’ most renowned playwrights, who have also gone on to become National Artists themselves. Avellana staunchly advocated for theater to be taken seriously as both a profession and an art form in the country. She became a National Artist for Theatre in 1999. 


  1. His designs were and are still the blueprint; get to know Leandro V. Locsin.  


Locsin (1928-1994) was a Filipino architect, artist, and interior designer, who was known for his signature style of incorporating concrete, creating floating volumes, and keeping designs simple in his works. He has designed buildings that have been part of Filipino’s daily lives for many years. He became a National Artist for Architecture in 1990. 


  1. Put your hands together for Maestro Ryan Cayabyab! 


Also known as “Mr. C”, Cayabyab is a prominent composer, musician, and conductor. His works range from commissioned full-length ballets, theater musicals, choral and orchestral pieces, to commercial recordings of popular music, film scores and television specials. Considered an icon and pillar of Original Pilipino Music (OPM), he became a National Artist for Music in 2019. 


  1. Make way for “Da King”— it’s FPJ! 


Fernando Poe Jr., whose real name was Ronald Allan Kelley Poe and who was commonly referred to as FPJ was a talented actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, and politician. His extensive and successful career in the action genre earned him the title of "Da King". He and his onscreen persona will be remembered as role models for fighting injustice and standing up for the marginalized. He was posthumously given the title of National Artist for Cinema in 2012, almost eight years after his untimely passing. 


Who is your favorite National Artist? Share this post with your thoughts and we might feature them next! 


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