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Showbiz Pa More: Regine gamely takes on “Virtual Charade” challenge

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid took on the virtual charade challenge when she guested on Showbiz Pa More with DJ Jhai Ho on Jeepney TV.

All of the words that she guessed accurately were related to the pandemic such as cough, cold, and alcohol. In fact, DJ Jhai Ho was the one who even said “pass” for not being able to act out “Department of Health.” Regine was also game and actually did good in acting the words which DJ Jhai Ho also guessed correctly like fever, face mask, face shield, soap, and water.

Although Regine enjoyed her virtual chikahan with DJ Jhaiho because she had so much fun talking to and getting to know DJ Jhai Ho a little bit more, she admitted she really misses having face-to-face interactions, performing on live shows, and guesting on TV shows. But she uttered the hopeful words “Kapit lang,” encouraging all of us as we face this pandemic. She said she hopes we have learned a lot from this crisis and not go back to our old ways, which would be so tragic.

During the pandemic, the ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay said she gave much importance for family, and strengthening her relationship with God, which is the best thing that happened.

The OPM icon added that we should learn to take care of the Earth more because our neglect of our environment is actually the main root cause of all this pandemic, Regine said.

Catch more of Regine’s delightful appearance on Showbiz Pa More with DJ Jhai Ho in this video. This is to commemorate Jeepney TV’s 8th anniversary.