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Regine shares her life’s “8 Most Be Good” in Showbiz Pa More

To celebrate of Jeepney TV’s 8th anniversary, Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid joined host DJ Jhai Ho on Showbiz Pa More in sharing eight telling superlatives about her life in the segment “8 Most Be Good.”

Regine was first asked what song she recorded the easiest or the fastest - meaning, the single that she sang in one take only. Regine couldn’t pinpoint a particular song but she shared that ever since then, she’s always done recordings in just a short span of time. She admitted she isn’t comfortable recording multiple times since she easily gets ear fatigue. She said she studies her song very well, then she sings it once, and if there’s a part that needs to be retouched, that’s what she’ll work on.

Next was Regine’s movie that she found the hardest to do. She said it was her film with Piolo Pascual, “Paano Kita Iibigin” because unlike most of her movies, she did hard drama here.

She was then asked what was her hardest on-screen kiss, and Regine said there wasn’t one because she is always game for kissing scenes, and she always trusts her partner. She added that she makes it a point to talk to her partner before doing the scene.

Regine also shared the most embarrassing trait or habit husband Ogie Alcasid found out about her after they got married. It’s actually her unusual position when sleeping. Although Ogie considers it funny, Regine said he tells her that she’s beautiful even when she's asleep.

As for her most memorable moment in taking care of their adorable son Nate, Regine shared it was during the first time that he was able to stand. She realized that she was screaming the whole time when she was taking video of Nate.

Meanwhile, the funniest memory of Regine with Nate was when he googled her and even told her “Mommy, I know a lot about you.” Regine shared that both she and Ogie are very proud parents to Nate because aside from he’s a very bright kid, he’s also a good and nice boy. She advised parents to always complement their child as much as possible, by praising them for the good things they have done, and avoid telling them that they’re bad or have done a bad thing as they will imbibe it.

Next Regine was asked about her most hated song or the most unlikely song that she would perform. She points out that she doesn’t have one. But she emphasizes that she would have a say on the songs she would record.

She then shared the thing she misses the most about his father Mang Gerry—his voice. She recalled that when he got sick already, his speaking voice was affected to the point that he would just mumble what he said. Regine also added that his dad never wanted to be her manager as he thought he didn’t know people in the industry. She actually appreciated how her manager Ronnie Henares would always ask advice from her father even though he knows exactly what to do.

The Songbird was then asked what is the most ‘benta’ or the funniest joke of Ogie. Regine said it’s always when her husband sings his humorous jingles.

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