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Regine plays fun “Would You Rather” game on Showbiz Pa More

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid played the fun Would You Rather game on Showbiz Pa More with DJ JhaiHo on Jeepney TV. 

First, Regine was asked if she would rather cook for someone or have someone else cook for her. She chose the first because she said she really loves cooking. She added that just like singing, she also considers cooking as a stress-reliever. 

And when asked about her specialty, Regine said it’s pasta because even though it’s very easy to do, you can still make a very delicious recipe out of its simple ingredients. Regine added that when she cooks, she just makes use of the ingredients that are available in their pantry or inside the refrigerator and she would be able to create something special out of them.

Between traveling back to the past and traveling to the future, Regine chose the first because she said there would be no excitement if ever she sees what is going to happen in her future. And if she gets to go back to the past, maybe she could do something so that we won’t be able to experience this pandemic.

DJ Jhai Ho then asked Regine if she would rather lose her eyesight or her voice, and the Songbird said that she’d rather lose her sense of sight because she loves to sing and to talk as well. She added that although it would be very difficult to be blind, communication is very important.

She was also asked if she would rather own a boat or a plane. She said that she wants to own a boat more than a plane because she loves staying at the beach. Regine also shared that it’s her and Ogie’s dream to own a boat, specifically a yacht.

After that, Regine answered none between losing her memory of Ogie and losing her feelings for him. Although she’s sure that even if she loses her memory of him, she would still fall in love with her husband when she sees him.