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Angel Locsin’s answers in the Would You Rather game prove she’s a real-life Darna

Through the years, even after she finished taking on the fictional Darna role on the small screen, Angel Locsin continued to embody the superheroine’s admirable character.

Angel has been a passionate philanthropist for years, helping out in the most low-key way, although, it’s impossible for fans to just ignore her good deeds considering how popular she is. When she’s not outside doing humanitarian works, her thoughts are still anchored on other people’s welfare.

In this episode of Showbiz Pa More, the real-life Darna’s pure heart shined through even in a simple playtime as she took on the “Would You Rather” Challenge with host DJ Jhai Ho.

She first had to take a pick between being a doctor and being a soldier. “Parehong marangal pero sa nangyayari ngayon at naging pangarap ko kasi siya noong bata ako, doktor kasi kapos na kapos ang healthcare workers natin sa dami ng ginagawa, so maganda sana kung nakaka-contribute tayo.” she answered.

Angel would rather see her own future than that of others. “Pakiramdam ko hindi ko kakayanin na makita ang lahat ng future ng ibang tao kasi parang ikamamatay ko na hindi man lang ma-rescue o sabihan man lang na, ‘huwag kang pumunta diyan baka madisgrasya ka’ so, baka ikabaliw ko ‘yun,” she said.

The kind-hearted angel on earth added that she’d rather suffer alone. “Kasi ‘pag alam mo ‘yung future mo, ikaw lang magsu-suffer, kasi ikaw lang. Hindi na madadamay yung ibang tao”

In the next rounds, she settled for being the strongest over the fastest person in the world. Her reason was, “Para ‘pag may zombie apocalypse pwede mo silang takbuhan.”

Angel also thought landing on the moon is safer than going to Mars. In the end, she wondered why she even has to choose if she’s happy and content with her life on Earth.