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Vice Ganda Laglag o Laplap Challenge

We can always count on Vice Ganda to come up with the most unique and hilarious games. Check this out if you're looking for ideas for your upcoming Christmas parties!

Vice opens his latest vlog, saying he thought of a new challenge while waiting for his scenes on the set of “Partners In Crime.” In the said challenge, he would drop a 1000-peso bill which the two players, facing each other, must catch only with their lips. The winners would get 5,000 pesos while the losers would receive a playful punishment – and an accidental kiss. 

Comic duo MC and Lassy went first and unintentionally kissed as Vice mischievously pulls the bill up! “Sa tagal ng pagkakaibigan n’yo, feeling ko meron kayong mga hidden feelings for each other,” quipped the Unkabogable Star.

Maybe they just need a little warm-up, so Vice asked them to smell each other’s breath while saying ‘hi.’ But it didn’t work. The second and third rounds got even more hilarious with MC and Lassy's unintentional smacks.

Director Cathy Garcia-Molina caught the act and said, “So pwede pala ang kissing scene dito.” Is this something to look forward to in the film? Bonus: We got to see Ivana Alawi in her costume.

Next contestants: Divine Tetay and his personal assistant Scarlet. Just when we thought it was impossible to win this game, Tetay and Scarlet successfully caught and sucked the bill for a few seconds. Instant 5000 pesos!

But, here’s the deal: Vice would double the prize if they could do it again in the third round, otherwise, they would return the money they just won. “Okay na ‘to! Huwag masyadong greedy,” said Tetay, to which Scarlet replied, “Laban! Wala naman tayong puhunan.” Well, they accepted the deal, failed, and let the money go. Spell sayang! 

Now, it’s Vice and Lassy’s turn to play the game, with 10,000 pesos at stake courtesy of MC. “Sapuhin mo lang bibigyan kita 20,000,” Vice told Lassy in a series of rib-tickling exchange. After a ton of punchlines comes the moment of truth: Lassy and Vice failed to catch the bill, resulting in a kiss on the lips!

Maybe you’d love playing this game when paired with your crush. You’d end up as a winner whether or not you catch the bill. *Wink.

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