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Weird food combos, ‘sosyal’ accent, loads of fun with Vice Ganda and his ‘sisterettes’

We love Vice Ganda enjoying his banana cue with ice cream and his friends’ company, and most especially, the funny content that comes out of it.

The Unkabogable Star recently uploaded a chill, ‘wala lang’ kind of vlog episode. But, as what can be expected when he and his pals like Anne Curtis get together, it was packed with good vibes and laughter.

The episode is a hilarious chaos of food challenges and punchlines. Vice opens the video with his whereabouts, saying he is in the It’s Showtime dressing room, eating banana cue dipped in vanilla ice cream while waiting for the next taping of “Girl on Fire” segment. The best part of it – he was talking with sosyal American accent.

The legit sosyal then dropped by his dressing room. So, here’s the bare-faced Anne in a simple cropped top and a shoulder bag. Vice, “offended” how perfect Anne is even without makeup, jestingly called her “one of the ugliest personalities in the Philippines.”

You know what happens when the two sisterettes get together off-cam: casual chats. Anne mentioned that she was leaving for Australia for an event with a champagne brand, which Vice turned into a pun. He asked her to try banana cue but Anne said, “I want the turon,” in true conya fashion.

Eavesdropping from the other room, Karylle was enticed to join in her friends’ bonding sesh. “Sabi ko, ‘Sino ‘yung babaeng hirap na hirap mag-English sa kabila?’” All for spontaneous fun, Karylle brought out mangga with bagoong and dared Vice to try bagoong on banana cue dipped in ice cream instead. It may look weird but “it’s not bad at all” as Vice says.

The trio spotted Regine Tolentino, one of the resident “Girl on Fire” mentors. Of course, Regine wasn’t able to escape the funny jokes, with Vice calling her “an actress for 700 years.” Just in time, “Girl on Fire” guest Kyla Fajardo of NBA’s LA Clippers dance crew came out of the dressing room and was asked to try banana cue. Kyle reacts that she’s more familiar with turon, to which Vice exaggeratedly replied, “I’m surprised that someone from LA knows turon!”

The Unkabogable host was talking non-stop that Anne had to cut in and close the video. 

Catch more hilarious shenanigans courtesy of Vice and his pals in It’s Showtime, airing Monday to Saturday, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.