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Vice Ganda Condo Tour & Cleaning

He may be one of the biggest stars in the local entertainment scene at present and may have been living a more comfortable life with “angels” to do the household chores for him, but It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda proves that he can still do the cleaning in the latest vlog that he uploaded on his YouTube channel.

The vlog commenced with him, asking the viewers to join him as he cleans his condominium, where his friend from abroad would stay in the next few weeks. However, his “angels” were not there to help him since it was a Sunday and it was their day-off (or as how he put it, their “araw ng pagapa-rebond”), so they cannot be disturbed. 

Before heading to his unit, he went to a supermarket first to shop for the cleaning materials he would be using, as well as a stash of snacks for his visitor. As soon as he arrived at his unit, he showed us the customized glass door handles that are shaped into “V” and “G.” He started by wiping the dusts off the decorations found inside the bedroom area, while imparting that this condo unit has been his for almost 10 years. 

According to the Everybody Sing host, this was when he stayed for a while when they were transferring to their current house. This also serves as his makeup studio sometimes, since hairstylist and makeup artist Buern Rodriguez and stylist Aaron Mangsat are living in the units adjacent to his.

He vacuumed the corners, the cabinet, and the carpet; changed the bed sheets and comforters; and then disinfected the room. After taking a rest for some minutes, he proceeded on cleaning the living room, starting with vacuuming the dust caused by wood mites inside his huge wooden portrait, which features a drawn version of the cover of his sophomore self-titled album.

The Unkabogable Host then headed to the kitchen to clean the sink, rearrange and wipe the appliances, and put the food and drinks stash he bought from the grocery inside and above the refrigerator. Afterwards, he made sure that the bathroom is also squeaky clean by cleaning the toilet bowl, wash-hand basin, and the shower area. 

He might be the only one to do everything, but Vice was able to make his condo spick-and-span and smelling good! He also seemingly didn’t get exhausted after his general cleaning as he was able to maintain his freshness and unkabogable beauty.