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Vice Ganda gives madlang people a peek on the cars of It's Showtime family in latest vlog!

From Monday to Saturday, the gregarious It’s Showtime family never fails to bring good vibes and laughter to the madlang people in every episode. And the fun they delivered got extended recently after taping as the Unkabogable Host Vice Ganda featured them and their posh cars in his latest vlog.

Before starting off with the “Car Reveal,” Vice had a brief kulitan moment with Tawag ng Tanghalan hurados Kyla and Erik Santos then headed to his co-hosts who were waiting for their sundo outside the studio. The first car to be showcased was Ogie Alcasid, who was fetched by his driver Kuya Noel through his Toyota Land Cruiser that he uses twice a week. He divulged that he usually drives, but since it’s their swab test day, asked Kuya Noel to drive for him.

His anak-anakan Ryan Bang also showed his black Hyundai Starex that he’s been using for five years. While they were impressed with how clean it was, they jested how it smelled stinky, to which Ryan retorted was because he doesn’t take a bath after working out. They were also surprised to discover a piece of rock under one of the passenger seats and even rummaged through his golf bag found at the back.

Being natural comedians that they are, Vice took Vhong Navarro to the ABS-CBN fire truck and made him demo how he rides on it. But the latter actually owns a Toyota Land Cruiser and uses it twice a week as well, just like Ogie. The former also poked fun at the umbrella and alcohol pump he spotted on the front passenger seat, much to the delight of their co-hosts who were with them.

The Unkabogable Host then accompanied Karylle to her white Mitsubishi Montero Sport, which color, according to her, was her husband Yael Yuzon’s decision since she originally liked to have the silver one.

Vice, Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga, Jugs Jugueta, and Amy Perez then proceeded to the basement parking of ABS-CBN, where their cars are parked. As they walked through the hallways of the ELJ Communications Center, they couldn’t help but reminisce how it used to be busy prior to the pandemic.

We may know her as a great dancer, but we’re more surely astounded to witness how a good driver Ate Girl Jackie is as she maneuvered her Suzuki Jimny, which definitely suited her petite build. Vice also caught It’s Showtime’s jolly floor director Ervin “Dumbo” Plaza riding his motorcycle.

Vice then got fascinated by Tyang Amy’s black-and-white Mini Cooper 5-door hatch, which, according to her, she bought as a gift to herself last year in November and named it “Dream Girl.” Just like Ryan, she also has a golf bag in her car and teased that they are going to film a vlog with their co-host Ogie. She let Vice ride it, too, in order to see if he could fit to it after telling him that it certainly suits him.

Same with Karylle, Jugs owns a Mitsubishi Montero Sport, but in silver. The Unkabogable Star was also impressed by how neat and organized it is and got amused by how they both have umbrellas from a bank.

Last, but definitely not the least, was Teddy Corpuz, who drives a Ford Raptor going to work. It is very suitable for camping since it has a roof tent, dresser, and a 42-liter water container, which are indeed great help during their family out-of-town trips. Also called “overlanding,” it is also apt for rough roads and crossing through rivers or floods. He also handed Vice an umbrella while the latter was delivering his closing remarks for his vlog.

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