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Vice & Nanay Rosario’s dinakdakan

There is definitely nothing more delighting and exciting than going home to a sumptuous home-cooked meal after a hard day’s work. And Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda is blessed enough to have Nanay Rosario to prepare his favorite dinakdakan whenever he wants for it – as seen in his latest vlog.

As their taping got packed up early that day, he decided to come at his beloved mother’s house to visit her and to satisfy his craving for dinakdakan, a popular dish from the Ilocano cuisine that she learned when she was still in La Union. Just on the first few minutes of the video, we have already witnessed how tightly bonded they are as Nanay Rosario gamely went with naughtiness and loquaciousness of her bunso.

She may be old and easily gets tired at present, but she still willingly granted his little wish to have dinakdakan for dinner, and to even show a little bit of her twerking skills as Vice teased her for having well-formed butt.

They were joined by his friends and fellow comedians MC Muah and Tonton, who were already waiting for them in the kitchen. As MC asked Nanay Rosario if the It’s Showtime host has been naughty and beautiful since he was still a kid, to which she revealed that he was actually quiet, behave, intelligent, and kind, and that he would always be pretty in her eyes because he’s her child.

While cooking, Nanay Rosario reminisced about how her mother was a great cook, as well as her late husband, who’s in-charge of going to the market, too. So, when he died, Nanay Rosario had to learn how to cook on her own since she knew that couldn’t simply let her kids eat cooked viands that could be bought in their neighborhood.

Besides, she disclosed also that Vice used to not eat greens or vegetables, but he eventually learned to eat veggie salad. And his favorite food? Ginisang Monggo.

As his mom continues to demonstrate how dinakdakan is prepared, the Everybody Sing host also taught her some millennial and Gen Z slang, which she’s able to immediately absorbed and accurately apply even though she was initially shy to do.

Upon MC’s mention of Vice being married already, the adorable celebrity mom commented that it’s definitely okay for her since he deserves to be happy and she couldn’t provide the kind of happiness that his partner Ion Perez brings to her Tutoy (Vice’s childhood nickname).

While her late husband will always be the most handsome man for her, Nanay Rosario still has her celebrity crushes, namely Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck.

As MC mentioned how Vice and his siblings seemingly got from their being fashionable from their parents, the award-winning host-comedian stated, “To be fair kasi sa mga magulang ko, ‘di kami mayaman, ‘di kami maraming pera, pero tinuruan nila kaming mag-ayos.” Aside from dressing up nice, Nanay Rosario also imparted teaching them to fix their beds first the moment they get up in the morning. Thus, he and his siblings also became frugal, orderly, and hardworking from their parents

The Unkabogable Star then told MC and Tonton, “Makakapunta tayo ng malalayong lugar, makakahanap tayo ng maraming bagong pagkain na bago sa panlasa natin, but nothing compares sa pagkaing kinalakihan natin sa mga magulang natin.”

He capped off the vlog by stating, “Dinakdakan – Tutoy’s favorite, my nanay’s best.”

Watch this vlog to see the fun kulitan and heartwarming chikahan of Vice Ganda with Nanay Rosario, MC, and Tonton, as well as learn the easy-to-do recipe of dinakdakan that you can prepare at home.