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Vice and Ion share relationship dynamics, thoughts about love in “Who’s Who” Game

Twinning in candy-colored suits, bathed in a sunny glow at the Central Park in New York City, Vice Ganda and boyfriend Ion Perez covered the most adorable and also intimate details about their relationship as they answered “who’s who” questions to mark their 3rd anniversary.

“Three years of just being in love and unapologetically happy with each other,” Vice opened his latest vlog. In one question, the couple recalled their first meeting in Gandang Gabi Vice where Ion came as an audience.In that episode, Ion was picked by child personality Carlo Mendoza to join Vice for a segment. They were seated on the same couch and since Vice was the host, he’s the first to approach Ion.

But years later, Ion was the first one to catch romantic feelings and say ‘I love you.’  “Rapunzel talaga ang pangalan ko,” quipped Vice, noting his ‘haba ng hair’ moments of getting chased by Mr. Universe Tourism 2018.  

They both admit that Ion is more romantic and sweet, “touchy-feely” as Vice put it. On the other hand, Vice is more patient and “maalaga,” proof is his effort when Ion got sick during It’s Showtime ‘s airing from Clark, Pampanga.

Vice may be known for his superb punchlines but in real life, Ion is funnier than him. It turns out that Vice prefers to be serious off-cam. Who’s the better cook between them? Vice said none, “Wala kaming kapasidad na magluto. Ion burned the pancakes one time.

Between them, Vice takes longer to dress up and prepare in the morning. But Ion is in the lead when it comes to caring for the body, fixing his things, and smelling good. It’s because he’s often covered in sweat due to physical activities like biking and working out in the gym, thus the need to shower often.  

They also didn’t shy away from sharing truthful, unfiltered answers about their dynamics as a couple. They said they’re both not the jealous type. Besides, they don’t give each other reasons to feel that way. “Halimbawa, kahit hindi naman siya seloso, pero iniisip ko na baka ma-affect siya nang kaunti, iiwas na ako doon,” said Vice.

In moments of argument, Ion, with his never-engage attitude, often wins by using the power of silence.

In Vice’s words, “Talo ako lagi. Kusa na lang akong humihinto kasi wala naman akong kausap.” He added that Ion cuts the drama by giving him space, “’Pag nag-aaway kami minsan tinataguan niya ako. As in literal na tago. Hindi ko siya makita sa bahay.” Then, he quipped, “Magugulat na lang ako nasa ilalim siya ng mga damit. Hinahanap ko siya sa CCTV.”

Also, Ion is sensitive that he easily cries in an argument, a signal for Vice to calm down. “Madali siyang masaktan. Eh, minsan kahit may punto ka, ayaw mo nang makapanakit. So, ‘pag nasaktan na siya, back off na ako. At saka iyakin kasi siya. Eh, kung sino ang unang umiyak, siya ang kawawa.” Trivia: Ion is so fragile that he cries a lot during t’s Showtimes “Reina ng Tahanan” segment

After the fight, Vice makes the effort to get back to baseline, “Ako lang naman talaga ang nanunuyo,” because life is too short for petty issues. “Sa dami ng stress sa buhay, kung ano ‘yung pinakamabilis gawan ng paraan, gawan na agad ng paraan. Kung ano ‘yung madaling masolusyunan, solusyunan na. Ayoko nang matutulog na magkaaway.” This is probably why they’re always in a good mood every morning.  

Vice also confessed that he’s an “attention-seeker” only because Ion doesn’t want to bother him when he’s busy, “Hindi niya ako iniistorbo so ‘pag gusto ko ng lambingan, ako na gagawa ng paraan.” Same thing happens when he wants to steal Ion’s attention from his motorcycles.  

While Ion is often preoccupied with his bikes, Vice is usually swamped with creative works and meetings over the phone. Unlike other partners that feel neglected and mad due to their boyfriend’s motorcycle obsession, Vice isn’t that strict with Ion’s newfound love, “Pinapayagan ko siyang gumastos kasi may trabaho naman siya.”

The last portion of the game turned a bit serious as Vice and Ion answered who loves and gives more. For them, love can never be measured. Vice is content knowing they reciprocate each other’s effort. “Nakikita ko naman na binibigay niya kung ano ‘yung kaya niya. Natatanggap ko naman ‘yung deserve ko. Siya din naman, I’m trying my best to give him what he deserves.”

And at the end of the day, what matters is both of them are committed to loving each other back. “Hindi na mahalaga sa akin kung sino ang mas lamang. Ang mahalaga, pareho kaming nagmamahal. ‘Yung mahal ko ay mahal ako, at ‘yung minamahal ako, minamahal ko din,” Vice stressed.  

He added, “Kung pareho kayong nagmamahal, sapat na ‘yun. Hindi mo na ikukumpara kung mas marami ba akong binibigay o mas marami siya. Mas masarap ba ‘yung pagmamahal ko o mas masarap ‘yung kanya. It won’t matter. Ang may value lang ay ‘yung thought na pareho kaming nagmamahal.”

With the magnitude of their love and respect for each other, Vice and Ion think they can make their relationship last. So when asked who’s most likely to give up first, the couple said they don’t see any of the two of them wanting to break up soon. Vice explained, “Sa puntong ito, kung gaano ka-intense ‘yung samahan namin at feelings namin sa isa’t isa, hindi ko ‘yan nararamdaman na mangyayari anytime soon. Hindi ko nararamdaman na kaya ko ‘yang gawin at hindi ko rin nararamdaman na kayang gawin ni Ion.”

Ion pointed out that feelings matched with effort keep the relationship going. “Binibigay ko lang, ito, ‘yung buong pagkatao ko. Ginagawa ko lang ‘yung dapat. Ginagawa ko lang ‘yung alam kong mapapasaya kita. Buong puso ko, ginagawa ko lahat. Hindi ko ma-explain, basta mahal ko siya.”

Vice: “And that’s enough. That’s more than enough.”

Love wins.

Vice and Ion ended the game with a toast and a flirty chase around Central Park. Check out their anniversary vlog and be inspired!