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Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles go head-to-head in Showtime All-Access

After playing together as a team with their beloved son Maurie in the “Madlang Pi-poll” segment of It’s Showtime, celebrity couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles went on to become rivals in this episode of Showtime All-Access, wherein they enthusiastically accepted the challenges prepared for them in the “Laro Laro Pick” segment.

Host Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga, gave them a little warm up by asking them about the things that have been keeping them occupied nowadays. Aubrey started off by disclosing how busy she is with her pawnshop business and taking care of her plants as a certified plantita. Maurie focuses on his online classes and school works and does livestreaming of his games at the same time, while Troy usually spends his every day biking, running, and spending time with the family.

Troy and Aubrey went on with the games as Maurie watched them from the sidelines and cheered for them. For the first challenge called “Flip-Tac-Toe,” it was the typical “tic-tac-toe” with a twist, as they had to flip the cups given to them and make sure that those would stand upside down before they could use it in the game.

As Aubrey won the first game, Troy made sure to not also let her score at least once in the second, which was named “Plastic Cup na Pababa,” as he was able to defeat her twice for being the fastest to put the blue cup back to the top of the tower of cups by shuffling them.

Since both of them listed a loss in the two games, they had to do the fun-ishment, which was the “Face Dance”!

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