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Toplist: Touching random acts of kindness of It’s Showtime family through Palarong Pang-madla

Over the years, It’s Showtime has been passionate in delivering good vibes and laughter to the madlang people through the hilarious banters and shenanigans of the hosts. At the same time, it has also helped transform the lives of many contestants who have joined their segments.

And late last year, they launched a new segment wherein the gregarious noontime family isn’t only able to amuse us by playing fun games, but to also help our beloved Kapamilyas who are in great need – “Palarong Pang-madla.”

In this segment, the hosts play different games every day with corresponding cash prizes, which they would gather and allot to charity. A host would be picked by the end of the week, who would be in-charge of doing a random act of kindness by sharing their total winnings to our less fortunate Kapamilyas.

And in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, let’s look back on the random acts of kindness the It’s Showtime family has done ever since “Palarong Pambansa” started last year.

Tyang Amy Perez started the year by giving Php56,000 to a woman named Rhona Zamora from Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, who was among the people queueing up at a PhilHealth branch to ask for financial assistance for the operation of her ill sibling.

A few days before Valentine’s Jugs Jugueta indeed made the heart of fishball vendor Alfie Luntaga flutter when he bought everything that he and his wife sold worth Php4,000 and gave them away to passersby. But what turned Alfie more flabbergasted was when Jugs handed him the pile of Php25,000 cash, which made him emotional as he expressed his gratitude.

It was also during the love month when Ogie Alcasid made not only, not only two, but nine madlang people feel loved! He and his co-hosts were able to earn a total of Php37,000 and decided to add a few amounts, so that he could divide to his supposed three recipients. The first one was scavenger Danilo Laude and parking attendant Marilyn Recto who both received Php14,000.

The OPM icon then spotted along the way a group of delivery riders and ride-hailing drivers who initially wished to take a picture with him. But upon finding out that they didn’t had any booking yet since they began their duty at around 5AM, he decided to divide the remaining Php14,000 to them. Ogie handed Johnny Laforteza, Ramon Bocarcar, Mac Gamba, Jerry Mamasig, Remondo Tapayan, Olan Solano, and Claudio Bohol Php2,000 each.

Ryan Bang had his turn in sharing their cash prize Php33,600 last March by giving it to a man named James, who’s been working as liftman or elevator operator at a mall for nine years already.

Kim Chiu, meanwhile, headed to University of the Philippines-Diliman premises to do her random act of kindness. She was supposed to give their total earnings of Ph34,300 to the taho vendor she was able to talk to in one of her jogging sessions there before, yet he was nowhere to be found. Thus, she decided to just divide it to the three street vendors she had spotted. First was to two street vendors to whom she gave Php4,300 and Php10,000, respectively, then to an ice cream vendor to whom she handed Php20,000. Since their sales decreased due to the pandemic, they weren’t able to contain their emotions as they thanked the Chinita Princess.

Ion Perez also decided to give Php10,200 each to street vendors Dong and Danny Gumabon, who he saw while going around Mandaluyong City early this April.

As if stroke of fate, Teddy Corpuz spotted speakers vendor Reynaldo Lepasana while driving around. Upon knowing that this has been his plight for around 20 years already, Teddy firmly believed that he truly deserves the Php23,200 the It’s Showtime family earned the previous week, which, according to Mang Reynaldo, he would use as capital for putting up a sari-sari store.

Jugs was once again picked to do a random act of kindness the following week, with NAIA Expressway toll operator Christian as the recipient of the whopping Php21,000 cash gift, who he met while he was on his way to fetch his wife Andie from the airport.

And recently, it was Vice Ganda who was given the opportunity to make not only one, but two madlang people happy. As someone who’s very generous to those in need, the Unkabogable Star decided to give the Php28,700 cash prize to the person he would see by the count of 18. Johnny Cabab, a bank security guard, and Gerry Caparal, a member of Quezon City Task Force Disiplina were the two lucky ones to receive the unexpected blessing.

On the first weeks of “Palarong Pang-madla” last December, Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga and Kim Chiu were able to give “maagang aguinaldo” to a scavenger-slash-construction and to three people living along the street, respectively.

Good job, It’s Showtime fam! Hopefully, they would be able to inspire the madlang people to also pay it forward by helping others through random acts of kindness!

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