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Toplist: HILARIOus shenanigans of Jhong Hilario that made us miss him in It’s Showtime

Jhong Hilario has been part of It’s Showtime since 2012, starting as a judge of the “Classic Showtime” segment, which is a group dance competition, before eventually being tapped to be one of the hosts, joining the mainstays that include Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Karylle, Jugs Jugueta, Teddy Corpuz, and Ryan Bang.

As he has never failed to amaze us with his incredible dancing chops every time he’s asked to dance, he’s been known since then as the “Sample King.” But aside from his dancing talent, he’s also able to show off his innate sense of humor and unmistakable chemistry with the host, turning him into a favorite of the madlang people.

Thus, many indeed missed him when he took a hiatus from hosting the noontime program and from his other showbiz commitments in April 2021 after he and longtime girlfriend, Maia Leviste Azores, gave birth to their firstborn Baby Sarina, as well as to focus on his election campaign as a councilor of Makati City early this year.

And after more than a year, Jhong is definitely back and he made sure to do it in a quirky and unexpected way that truly got everyone surprised, especially his It’s Showtime family. Peculiarly dressed, he disguised as a Tawag ng Tanghalan contender and sang “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko,” which they usually perform during the program’s anniversary. He found it difficult to hide his emotions, so he revealed himself and signaled for the other hosts to join him onstage. He then ran towards Vice, who was already crying in front of the stage, and embraced him.

The hosts gathered together and sang along with Jhong, then teased him to do a sample, which he gladly heeded to. When asked if the madlang people would see him again regularly, he jested that he has to take “baby steps” first, just like what Anne said in her return last May 28. He and Vhong also warned the Unkabogable Star to prepare himself because they would surely revive their kind of physical hosting.

Amid the hilarious banters of the hosts and the TNT hurados, Vice wasn’t able to hold back his emotions as he expressed how grateful he is for this “big surprise.” He stated, “Ang bait lang ni Lord. Si Lord alam Niya talaga kung kalian Niya ibibigay ‘yong mga bagay saka ‘yong mga taong kailangan ko sa tamang panahon. I’m so happy to see you”.

And in this Kapamilya Toplist, let us look back on how he’s been doing his “baby steps” in his much-awaited comeback to his stint as an It’s Showtime host!

On his very first day last June 6, his co-hosts requested him to do a sample. But instead of the usual huge and mind-blowing moves, he showed us the dance steps that he’s been teaching her one-year-old daughter.

Since they’d not seen nor share the stage together for a long time, we’ve seen a lot of asaran and kulitan moments, as well as their various ways of physical hosting among him and the OG and new members of their gregarious family that we had not seen for a long time – just on the very first week of his return. And we’re looking to see more of it in the coming weeks!

Now that Jhong Hilario is back on It’s Showtime, expect our noontime viewing to be filled with extra fun and good vibes!