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Toplist: Anne Curtis’ amusing “anne-kulit” moments on It’s Showtime

From being an actress, Anne Curtis has flourished into becoming a multi-faceted artist, who’s now loved by many as a performer and a host, ever since she began her stint in It’s Showtime. But aside from her once-hidden talents, we more adored her when she unabashedly exposed her funny side through her banters and other shenanigans with her co-hosts.

And in the past 14 years, we’re able to witness not just the milestones of the Multimedia Superstar, but her funny moments, too, that indeed never failed to entertain us and make us laugh. Check out some of those in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

It can be recalled that Anne went on an indefinite leave in 2019 to focus on her pregnancy and in spending time with her family in the first two years of her daughter Dahlia Amelie. It was only in 2022 when she finally decided to come back on the noontime program. That was when she uttered her now-iconic “baby steps” remark, as she told her co-hosts and the madlang people that she felt like going back to square one when it comes to hosting. And they reminisced about it exactly a year after last May.

Having talented comedians as her fellow hosts, Anne apparently absorbed their comedic chops as she also learned how to throw jokes and banter with them, too. However, there are instances when she becomes the laughingstock, especially whenever she gets bewildered by what the other hosts are saying or her Tagalog skills get tested.

But avid viewers of It’s Showtime surely know that their tight bond actually goes beyond the camera as they’re relatively closer behind the scenes. And we’re able to get a glimpse of it as they share some of their unforgettable and hilarious moments off-cam, such as when Anne and Vhong Navarro had a little fight after he helped her find someone who could fix her phone yet its condition turned worse.

She also had a lot of funny moments with Vice Ganda, who she considers as her “sisterette.” But despite having each other’s back, the latter loves to make fun of her. For instance, she was teased by the Unkabogable Star for the “human drone” selfie fad that Anne started through an Instagram reel that she posted recently.

Anne certainly has more “anne-kulit” moments on the program that are too many to be mentioned in this feature. Thus, you better not miss an episode of It’s Showtime, Mondays to Saturdays at noontime, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, GTV and A2Z.