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Toplist: Annabelle Rama’s funny, remarkable moments on It’s Showtime

Avid Pinoy showbiz fans would know that Annabelle Rama is one of the most influential figures in the local entertainment scene. Well, aside from being the wife of veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez and the mom of famous TV personalities Ruffa Gutierrez, Richard Gutierrez, and Mond Gutierrez, she’s also well-known for her being straightforward, which people usually find either amusing or intimidating.

And after not seeing her on television for quite a long time, we’re able to get a dose again of her wit and frankness through her current stint in It’s Showtime as one of the newest members of the “sexy authori-team” (a.k.a. “judges”) of its “Sexy Babe” segment.

Let’s look back on some of her funny and remarkable moments in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist!

She had her first day as a guest juror last June 14, joining her children Mond and Ruffa. Introduced by Vice Ganda as the “Queen Mother of Real Talk,” it was revealed that she was supposed to begin her stint the day before, but had to beg off as she was too nervous as her two children had been warning her to be careful with everything that she would say.

Tita Annabelle apparently did a great job as she’s able to control herself from uttering things that may get controversial, such as when the Unkabogable Host teasingly quizzed her about a certain person who used to issue a bouncing check to her. As she declined to name names, Vice just attempted to ask if there’s a famous personality who hasn’t paid his/her debt yet to her, to which she once again refused to give an answer. However, she called that person “makapal ang mukha,” and went on to hint that he/she is actually a billionaire and the hosts probably know him/her.

The gregarious actress-slash-talent manager is also game to ride on Vice’s jokes, such as when he threw punchlines regarding the shimmering, luxurious pieces of jewelry she wears in her every appearance. According to her, she’s grateful to be chosen as a guest judge as it allows her to wear her jewelries that she’s been hiding in her vault for years now. 

Apart from her bubbly persona, we also get to see how a thoughtful friend she is, as she never forgets to greet some of them on the show. However, there was one instance when she refused to greet one of them after the face cream that certain person gave her made her experience peeling on the face. Besides, we get to have a glimpse of her wonderful bond with her daughter Ruffa as well, as she gamely commented and even shared story about her personal life, particularly her rumored romantic affair.

But apart from the laughter and good vibes that Tita Annabelle has brought, she has also inspired us with her words of wisdom that she imparted to the Sexy Babe contestants, as well as to the valuable experiences of her family that she shared to everyone. We’re also able to see the soft and sentimental side of her, as she wasn’t able to keep herself from getting emotional when Ruffa mentioned her kids Lorin and Venice, who was then in Turkey to reunite with their estranged dad Yilmaz Bektas.

As a lot of madlang people really enjoyed and got thrilled with her appearance on It’s Showtime, the Vice imparted that the ratings relatively increased and many were actually asking if she’s going to be a regular on the show. But she declined, saying that her income might decrease.

Are we going to see Tita Annabelle more often on It’s Showtime? Well, you better not miss an episode from Monday to Saturday, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, iWantTFC.