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‘Spooky dolls’ take on Jackie’s “Game Na Game Na” challenge in Showtime All-Access

Filipino drag queens Ian Daoang, Gulliver Mendoza, and Lumina Klum spread fright and fun in It’s Showtime as they exchanged their fabulous and flamboyant appearances to spooky Halloween figures as the infamous dolls featured in popular films and series during their stint in the “Madlang Pi-Poll” segment. 

And the amusement and horror got extended beyond the noontime program as they were tapped to play for the “Game Na Game Na” challenge prepared for them in this episode of Showtime All-Access hosted by Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga.

The episode commenced with the drag queens introducing themselves one-by-one. Gulliver was “Chika Doll,” which was inspired by the notorious male doll named “Chucky,” Lumina was the mysterious ragged doll named “Annabelle,” while Ian was the prominent doll from the top-rating Korean drama series “Squid Game.”

After the hilarious short interview, game master Jackie explained the mechanics of the game called “Kain Mo, Cookie Mo,” wherein they had to “face dance” or distort their faces in order to make the cookie from each of their foreheads to reach their mouths and eat it. Sounds familiar, right?

In the end, Chika Doll was able to accomplish the mini contest and defeated Annabelle and Pusit Doll. Watch this video to see the fun and exciting happenings in this episode of Showtime All-Access!

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