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Showtime All Access: Set Bwiset with Regine Velasquez - Alcasid

From amusing us with her recent stint as a guest “choose-gado” in a recent episode of “Reina ng Tahanan” segment of It’s Showtime, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid gave us a glimpse of her life off-cam during her appearance in this episode of Showtime All-Access.

Former Tawag ng Tanghalan Celebrity Edition contestant-turned-Showtime Online U host Ana Ramsey took over the “Set Buwisit” segment and quizzed the Asia’s Songbird about how her life has been during this pandemic.

Just like other moms out there, particularly working moms, Regine revealed that she initially had a hard time, but she eventually found it okay since staying at home had allowed her to spend more time and take good care of their family, especially their son Nate.

When it comes to her daily routine, the ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay shared that prior to the pandemic, she usually spent most of her everyday at work then bond with her son and husband as soon as she arrived home. But now that she stays at home most of the time, she usually just watches TV, especially It’s Showtime since her husband Ogie Alcasid is now officially one of its hosts, and bonds with Nate.

Regine related that she also got anxious a lot of times during this pandemic, but she eventually got to enjoy being at home since she’s a self-confessed homebody. However, it just saddens her that she cannot visit her mom frequently and have lunch together with their whole family every Sunday like they used to.

When asked regarding her stint as a “choose-gado” for “Reina ng Tahanan”, she jested feeling stressed since speaking is not her strength. However, she gets inspired by all the Reinanays, especially the single moms.

With regards to the life lessons she would like to impart to other moms like her, Regine said that parenting is about learning from your child as well, and reminded parents out there to never be too hard on themselves because there’s definitely no right formula in raising a kid and everyone is just trying.

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