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Showtime All-Access: Ryan reminisces tour around Clark Global Zoo with Karylle

Another week means fresh episodes for Showtime All-Access! And in this episode, It’s Showtime’s very own Korean oppa Ryan Bang is the special guest host for the Showtime Reax segment on Monday, October 25.

Ryan took us back to their fun and exciting tour around the Clark Safari and Adventure Park, or Clark Global Zoo. They filmed this during their stay in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga last August, wherein the noontime show temporarily moved its studio to be able to air its live episodes for two weeks.

They explored the zoo by riding on safari bus shuttle that brought them around various attractions and animal cages inside the safari park. They also had the chance to interact with the wildlife animals and species being taken care of there, which include tortoises, pelicans, and horses from Taal, Batangas that were rescued when Taal Volcano erupted last year.

Ryan had the chance to experience riding a horse, to which Karylle teased him by calling him “Lee Min-horse”, inspired by Korean actor Lee Min-ho whose last role as a king in a series was popular for riding a horse.

Watch this short video to take a glimpse of their fun and exciting adventure that will surely make you want to visit there as well! Catch Ryan and Karylle on Kapamilya ChannelKapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!