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Showtime All-Access: Ryan Bang bonds with It’s Showtime fam via ‘mukbang’

It’s Showtime’s very own “Korean heartthrob” Ryan Bang is tapped to be the host of Showtime All-Access this week, starting off with this delightful (and perhaps, even mouth-watering!) episode.

Last week, it can be recalled that he brought the “madlang ka-access” back to his fun and exciting adventure in Clark, Pampanga along with his co-host and beloved “frienemy” Karylle. And for this episode, he somehow brought us to his home country -- South Korea -- by doing a mukbang, wherein he eats Korean food in cups along with three other members of the It’s Showtime fam.

First to join him was floor director Erwin Plaza, who’s more known by his nickname “Dumbo.” Aside from simply making us hungry and drool every time they munch on delectable Korean foods, they also amused us with their fun conversation regarding their unforgettable moments as part of the noontime program.

For Dumbo, it was when they had a live show in the United States a few years ago since it was his first time to get there, and went on to reminisce how they enjoyed their work-slash-excursion there, such as their daily breakfasts with Jhong Hilario. They also recalled how nervous they were during their appointment at the Immigration and even re-enacted how their nerve-wracking interview went.

His fellow floor director Jay Garcia joined them afterwards, and they went on to give Ryan dating advice in order to spare him from another heartbreak. They also expressed how they terribly miss the madlang people and divulged how important having studio audiences is for the production staff and hosts in order to further motivate them in doing their respective jobs.

Segment producer Dasi Vergara eventually joined them, and found herself on the hot seat as Ryan and Jay teased her to Dumbo by asking what she looks for in a guy since she told them that she is single.

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