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Showtime All-Access: Magpasikat Grand Champions that wowed us through the years

Showtime All-Access took us on a trip down memory lane as it looked back on the winning moments of the yearly Magpasikat on It’s Showtime!

PLAYLIST 2010 to 2020: It’s Showtime’s Magpasikat Winners Through The Years

Every anniversary, our beloved noontime hosts engage in a grand showdown to win a cash prize which the winners donate to their chosen charity. Not only is the event for a good cause, it’s also a delight for madlang people to watch.

Who could forget the rock and roll fest served by the very first Magpasikat champions, Jugs and Teddy? It was a phenomenal afternoon party as the musicians Jugs and Teddy also invited rock icons Yeng Constantino, Tutti Caringal, Kean Cipriano, and Marc Abaya to join them on stage.

The dynamic duo also made viewers smile from ear to ear with their 2012 Gangnam style performance and 2015 optical illusion extravaganza with Vice Ganda.

In 2013, when they were teamed up with Karylle, the trio bagged the championship after their jaw-dropping performance. People thought they were mumbling and singing random words, but as it turns out, they were doing a reverse performance!

Multimedia star Anne Curtis also had a memorable number of her own. It was 2011 when she did that trophy-worthy hot and sexy pole dancing production. Dancing sensation Vhong Navarro, on the other hand, shined in 2017 when he coupled his mad dancing skills with some awe-striking mirror effects.

Vice Ganda, being the Unkabogable Star he is, executed astounding aerial stunts in his performance two years ago. While it looked dangerous and daring, his golden production number was all worth it in the end.

While song and dance performances steal the show, a skit with a wonderful story can steal hearts. In 2018, Karylle and Jhong Hilario incorporated an out-of-this world love story between a cockroach and higad in their Magpasikat performance. Even if it was quirky, it was 1st place material.

Last year, at the height of the pandemic’s challenges, all teams of the noontime show prepared inspiring and hopeful stories for their Magpasikat entries. Karylle, Jhong and Ion Perez featured the relatable life of everyday hardworking Filipinos while Jugs and Teddy showcased the creativity and talents of local musicians and artists. Vhong, Tyang Amy, and Ryan offered motivation with their performance centering on the theme of hope and perseverance as Vice and Kim focused on giving importance to health, including battling mental struggles that many experienced during such trying times.

For this year, the team of Tyang Amy, Kim, and Karylle celebrated woman empowerment, particularly in sports, with their performance that made them the grand winners on the show’s 12th anniversary. 

Check out the best of the best Magpasikat performances over the past years in this Showtime All-Access video!