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Ana Ramsey Showtime Reax

In the past weeks, radio DJ, host, and Tawag ng Tanghalan Celebrity Edition alumna Ana Ramsey assumed the role of being the host of Showtime All-Access, interviewing various celebrity guests of It’s Showtime who played in its “Madlang Pi-Poll” segment. And in this episode, it’s her time to be put on the hotseat as she responded to the questions and messages sent in by netizens in the “Showtime Reax” segment.

First off was her celebrity crush, to which she confessed is Piolo Pascual and recounted her first-ever kilig encounter with him at the ABS-CBN Ball wherein she felt that she’s his leading man for at least five seconds.

With regards to the theme song of her life, she said that it’s “Time To Shine”, which she composed for a competition she participated in in 2014. She even gave a sample of it, which tells the story of dreamers who are waiting for the biggest break of their lives.

Speaking of song, she was then asked for her tips to single people on how to have a special someone since she has a song titled “Walang Tayo.” According to her, one must expose herself and be confident in interacting with other people. And while they’re still waiting for the right one to come, they should use this period in discovering their likes and interests and loving themselves, so they’re already prepared once the person meant for them arrives.

As the madlang people found out that she’s related with the late OPM icon Elizabeth Ramsey and Soul Diva Jaya, Ana was asked if she’s close to them in real life, as well as the things she has learned from them either in singing or in real life.

She disclosed that yes, she’s able to establish a tight bond with them as she used to frequently visit or stay at their house during those times that she was just starting. She also remembered how happy she was every time she was tapped by her Lola Elizabeth to be her front act in her shows, which she considered as a good training ground for her. Thus, she’s very blessed that she has someone that she looks up to who helps and guides her and she couldn’t help but miss her so much.

Furthermore, she was all-praises to her Tita Jaya, too, who she regards as one of the greatest performers for her. If there’s one important thing she learned from them, it would be to keep on reaching your goals whatever happens. And if you really know what you want in life, no one will definitely hinder you from achieving those as long as you pursue the things you are passionate about and that makes you happy.

With regards to the thing that stresses her the most, she shared the same sentiments as everybody about traffic. Her hobbies, on the other hand, were editing videos and baking which she was able to develop during this pandemic.

And lastly, when asked to name her Top 3 OPM singers, she mentioned Sarah Geronimo first, to whom she got starstruck on the very first time she bumped into her, second was her Aunt Jaya who she admires for her distinct vocal prowess, and third was the one and only Pure Energy Gary Valenciano who she got to watch perform for the first time in one of the competitions she participated in where he was among the judges.

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