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Ruffa, Janice share memorable moments as “Reina ng Tahanan” choose-gados

In the past months, the “Reina ng Tahanan” segment of It’s Showtime has indeed inspired us with the stories and entertained us with the humor and talents showcased by the contestants. But aside from those, we were absolutely amused by the banters and kulitan moments of the hosts and the “choose-gados” or what the panel of judges were called.

However, even though the prestigious pageant was already over, we were still able to see “choose-gados” Janice de Belen and Ruffa Gutierrez as they graced a recent episode of the “Madlang Pi-poll” segment as studio players, as well as of Showtime All-Access, wherein they got interviewed by “Set Kulit” host Ana Ramsay.

Ana commenced their fun and insightful conversation with a short kumustahan by asking what have been keeping them busy nowadays. Both of them retorted that it’s mainly their judging stint for “Reina ng Tahanan” that takes most of their time, aside from being hands-on mom to their respective kids (and in Janice’s case, to her doggies as well). While Janice hasn’t updated yet her YouTube channel, Ruffa also teased that she’s going to launch her own soon and she’s going to have a show on Kumu beginning this December 1.

They also described how they are as mothers at home, with Ruffa expressing how she admires the Reinanays as they are able to juggle their duties as a mom, a wife, and perhaps even as careerwoman. Meanwhile, Janice regards herself as “liberal” because she allows her now grown-up kids to do whatever they please as long as it’s right and they are okay.

When asked about their unforgettable experiences as “choosegados”, both of them enthused that it would be their endless chikahan and bonding moments before, during, and after the program that they really will miss and hope to not fade although the segment is already over.

With regards to working with the It’s Showtime family, Janice and Ruffa were both grateful on how welcoming everyone is from the hosts to the staff and crew, making it difficult for them to leave.

Ana wrapped up the episode by asking for their message to the Reinanays out there, to which Janice heeded by reminding them to never lose their spark just because they already have a family since they’re definitely more than just a mother or a wife. Ruffa echoed this by saying how they have learned a lot from and got inspired by each Reinanay they met.

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