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Rib-tickling and riotous FUNishments that brought loads of laughter on It's Showtime

We may be in the midst of a pandemic, but there’s definitely no stopping It’s Showtime in fulfilling their mission of making the madlang people happy. Aside from the droll banters of the hosts, the audiences were also given an opportunity to be involved and win prizes from the segments – one of which is “Name It To Win It”.

The opening segment “Name It to Win It” was originally just a fun game played by the hosts themselves, who were divided to Team Vice (Ganda) and Team Vhong (Navarro), wherein they also have the chance to give away prizes to several online and television viewers. But to make it more exciting, the creators incorporated “FUNishment” or “funny punishments” for the losing team. Here were some of the FUNishments enthusiastically accepted by the It’s Showtime family in the previous weeks.

Team Vhong made a mess when they had to pass flour over their heads.

The losing team in this episode was Team Vhong who consisted of Jugs Jugueta, Ion Perez, Jackie Gonzaga, and Teddy Corpuz. As a “FUNishment” they were tasked to transfer flour through the plates placed on their heads until it reaches the last member of the team, who would be in-charge in pouring it to a container. Tyang Amy was supposed to join the game but was exempted, so she chose Ryan Bang to replace her instead.

Making it more challenging were the goggles they had to wear so that they would not see the plate of the person next to them. As expected, it turned out into a messy game because instead of passing the flour onto the next plate, they had it poured on the face and body of the person at their back.

Team Vice had to do the same FUNishment but with a wet twist.

Team Vice also did the aforementioned FUNishment, but it was extra exciting because the members of the team also had to pass water from one plate to the other. And just like what happened to Team Vhong, the game just became messy as well since they couldn’t see properly because of their goggles.

Team Vice got a water, flour, and champorado facial.

While having a facial treatment is definitely good for our skin, but what if the product that would be smeared on your face is a basin of yummy champorado? This challenge was actually done already by Team Vhong before, and in this episode, it was Team Vice’s turn.

They once again had to wear goggles since each of them had to soak their faces inside sets of basins. Vice even had to remove his eyelashes for this “FUNishment. For the first set, they put their face inside the basin with water for five seconds, then to a basin that had flour in it. And for the last set, they had to put their face inside a basin with champorado.

The studio became slippery when Team Vhong, plus Ryan Bang, played with some juice.

The challenge for Team Vhong was to get juice from a pail and then pour it to the glass that’s placed above the head of another team member. But before doing that, the person who will get juice had to spin in place five times. Since it could get them dizzy, some of the liquids splattered all over the place, making the set messy and slippery. But made it extra fun was when Team Vhong and team played with the juice.

Team Vice drank some unknown but healthy juice.

After losing, each member of the Team Vice was challenged to take different drinks, which consist of unusual mixtures. After taking their chosen drink, their reaction would be captured by the camera and it would be compared to a throwback picture of them. Jackie drank okra with sardines; Jhong drank grape juice with egg; Kim Chiu drank celery juice with milk; Ryan drank ampalaya juice; Vice drank an unknown but healthy juice that made his face distort.

What other dares do you think Team Vhong and Team Vice should take on in the next FUNishments of “Name It To Win It”?

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