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KToplist It’s Showtime Life Lessons

For the past 15 years, there is definitely no doubt that It’s Showtime has succeeded in its primary purpose of making people happy mainly through the good vibes and laughter brought by its gregarious hosts. Yet, at the same time, they have also managed to impart nuggets of wisdom cloaked in humor through their interactions among themselves and with ordinary people who get to share their stories on the show, proving that entertainment can definitely be fused with enlightenment. 

And as we take a pause this Holy Week from everything that usually gets us occupied and probably focus on reflecting on our lives, let us revisit some of the genuine and helpful pieces of advice, as well as profound life lessons, that we picked up from the show in the past year in this edition of Kapamilya Toplist.

For sure, a lot of the so-called “eldest daughter in an Asian household” were able to identify with searcher Becca as she chose to let go of her dreams for the sake of helping her family in their finances. Since this scenario is common among Filipino families, Vice Ganda wishes that this will change because she believes in the importance of empowering oneself first so that we can effectively help others. Thus, she encouraged Becca to finish her education first and reminded her that putting herself first sometimes is definitely okay and not a sign of selfishness. 

The Unkabogable Star almost had the same advice to searcher Lance, who already lost the will to pursue his studies after everything that happened in his life. She warned him, “Hindi madali ang buhay. At ang lipunan ay napakalupit sa mahihirap, sa hindi nakapag-aral, sa walang magandang trabaho, sa walang maipagmamalaki.” Thus, as early as now, he must start acting on what he needs to be done before it will become too late.

In one of the episodes, Vice wasn’t able to contain her emotions as she talked about how the noises and negativities in the world tend to get the best of us and then take a toll not just on our well-being, but on our relationships as well. As we’ve witnessed the ups and downs of her life over the years, we know that she’s able to relate to what ex-couple Cassy and Dexter went through. It can be frustrating and difficult, but what people in a relationship can do is support one another and be each other’s strength. 

Watching the entertaining yet heartwarming tribute of Team Vhong-Jugs-Teddy for the late Pinoy comedians in last year’s Magpasikat also made the Unkabogable Star reflect on the “sad reality” faced by today’s generation of comedians. She conveyed, “I cannot see the world right now na nakikita kong pakonti nang pakonti ‘yong mga komedyante kaysa sa parami ng parami. Kasi in reality, mas kailangan natin ng komedya sa ngayon e. Pero nahihirapan ‘yong komedya na ibigay ‘yong gusto nila dahil ang hirap magpasaya, dahil ang dami, dami, dami, daming pinaniniwalaan ng mga tao ngayon – and that is the sad reality.”  

There are a variety of reasons why many relationships unfortunately end, and one of the most common reasons is cheating, which not only inflict trust issues on the person cheated on, but also makes him/her question his/her worth and inadequacy. But Vice consoled one female searcher by reminding her that we’re already complete once we pour out all that we can to the person we love.  Jhong Hilario seconded it by telling her that it must be a two-way street, so she should also ask herself if her partner is enough for her at the same time.

And this could be somehow connected to the situation of another ex-couple, in which the female searcher doubted if the love and care she gave to her ex-flame wasn’t enough leading to the falling apart of their relationship. This reminded Tyang Amy of her past experience and advised searcher Sharmaine, “One day, darating ‘yong isang tao na will appreciate ‘yong ganyang pagmamahal na kaya mong ibigay,” which is something that she can be proud of someday.

In one of the episodes where the topic of having kids at a young age was touched, Vhong Navarro had his chance to convey his piece. He shared that although it happened to him, he actually didn’t regret it so much since he was able to raise his sons well. However, there was a part of him that wished to have finished his studies first because he realized that the right person for us would come eventually. Tyang Amy chimed in by reminding everyone, especially the young people, that even though parents may tend to be strict and harsh towards us, they always have the best intentions in hearts and they only want what’s best for us. 

And for those who are also in a so-called “situationship” like Tawag ng Tanghalan contender Wilbur, then Kim Chiu had some wise words for you. “Lower your expectations because if you expect too much from that person, at the end of the day, ikaw pa rin ang masasaktan,” she remarked and went on to add that life must go on and he must set his visions on the horizon because he still has a long way to go. 

Lastly, we may seldom hear him speak nor share something about his personal life on TV, but everyone was flabbergasted when Ryan Bang preached about healing for love during his Magpasikat performance with Anne Curtis and Ogie Alcasid last year. He reminded those who are still searching for love not to lose hope because just like what happened to him, true love will definitely come into our lives in the way that we least expect it.

Which of these lessons did you need to hear today, Kapamilya?