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PAANDAR 2020: 10 hilarious moments the It's Showtime family made the Madlang People laugh amid the pandemic

In spite the strict social distancing and wearing of face shields that are always observed by the hosts of It’s Showtime, there’s definitely no stopping them from delivering good vibes to the viewers and having fun on the set.

As we bid farewell Let’s take a look back on the 10 ‘social-distanced’ yet hilarious 'kulitan' moments of this ever-gregarious family that truly brought good vibes amid these trying times.

In one episode of the show, Karylle noticed that Vice Ganda was wearing a dress. However, he revealed that it’s actually a skirt which he just adjusted so it could look like a dress because he wanted to cover his skin-toned top that he thought didn’t suit him.

We already had tons of dance crazes throughout the years and one of them was the ‘’mannequin challenge’ where a group of people should not move and should pretend as if they’re mannequins. The hosts relived this challenge, except for Vhong Navarro who made fun of his co-hosts while they were in their mannequin positions.

It has definitely always been hilariously chaotic whenever Vice, Vhong, and Jhong Hilario are together because of how they tease or make fun of one another. Vhong has been so fond of ‘mocking’ Vice that sometimes already gets physical, such as when he jokingly hit Vice with the meter stick he was holding. The same goes for Jhong who also jestingly hit Ryan Bang with a plastic bottle after the latter uttered “Madumi si Jhong.”

Indeed, Vhong really never gets tired of teasing his best friend and co-host Vice. In the segment “Now: Hiring”, they were interviewing one contestant and talking about the proper way of dyeing hair. When the contestant told the Unkabogable Star that the hair should be bleached first before applying hair color, Vhong interjected, saying that the hairstylist would not find it hard to do so because Vice’s hair will just be left in the salon.

In an episode of the “Name It To Win It” segment, Vhong and Vice would always play “rock, paper, scissors” or “Jack en Poy” before the game proper to determine whose team would have the first turn. But they would always not take it seriously so they have to repeat it.

As he tried to help taga-hula Robi Domingo guess the celebrity singer during the “Hide And Sing” segment, Vhong wittingly asked the three singers or tago-kanta to count from one to five.

In an episode of the “Eleven Up” segment, Jhong and Vhong once again made fun of their co-host Vice as they told him to imitate the complex position of the monkey stuffed toy.

In a segment of “Super FieSTARs,” Vice Ganda asked one contestant if his children also dance like him, to which the he replied “yes”. Vice then asked Vhong the same question to which he retorted, “no” since his sons are fond of playing the guitar more.

And lastly, it was Vice chance to mock Jhong because of his sleeveless outfit. And when the topic about Zoom filter was opened up, Vice admitted that he actually didn’t know about it since he only uses ring light every time he has online meetings.

Which among these unforgettable, hilarious moments made you laugh the most?