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Nicole Cordove, Cindy Obeñita Showtime

After mesmerizing us with their deific beauties and impressive wit as seen in the “Madlang Pi-Poll” segment of It’s Showtime a few weeks ago that was truly enjoyed by everyone, including their fans, beauty queens Nicole Cordoves and Cinderella “Cindy” Obeñita further put their guessing skills to the test by playing two fun games in this episode of Showtime All-Access.

Once again hosted by Karylle, she commenced “Laro Laro Pick” with a little kumustahan, wherein the Miss Grand International 2016 first runner-up imparted how fulfilling it is for her to be able to help the current generation of Binibining Pilipinas candidates in their trainings. On the other hand, Cindy, who’s hailed as Binibining Pilipinas – Miss Intercontinental 2021, disclosed that she’s now busy preparing for her upcoming competition.

“I think my heart is really in the right place, working with BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc) it’s really such an honor because they are really protecting the girls and I’m so happy with the positive environment. Like here in It’s Showtime, so proactive. So, napakaganda and I’m so happy with my batch also kasi super approachable ng mga queens…Magkakaibigan kami up until now,” she related.

From being buddies, they instantly turned into opponents in taking on the first game, which was “Mystery Box” challenge. In this game, they had to guess what’s inside the “Mystery Box” in front of them. If the players got the correct answer with only the clue, they would earn two points and one point if they had to touch it.

Nicole won after earning four points when she was able to figure out that rambutan and mushroom were inside the box with the help of the clues given by Karylle. On the other hand, Cindy only got one point when she guessed that the second item was squid after touching it.

For the second game, which was “Twerk Pong,” the two ladies bust some of their moves in order to take the ping-pong balls out of the tissue boxes tied around their waists without touching them. They did it with grace and were able to finish it at the same time.

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