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Moments when Pido’s heartbreaking tale touched the madlang people on It’s Showtime

As a man who’s usually behind-the-scenes of It’s Showtime, cameraman Pido has now found himself a trending sensation because of his heartbreaking yet relatable experiences in love and life.

Watch this Kapamilya Toplist to find out how the hashtag #WeLoveYouPido began taking over netizens' hearts. 

Pido was first featured when Vice Ganda asked him to choose the reason he would leave a partner, “May iba siya or may iba ka na?” Pido initially answered that he didn’t know which he would choose, but, close to tears, he said “‘Pag may iba na siya.” Vice asked him if he would still fight for the person he loves. Pido said, “Hanggang kaya lumaban.”

This brought a wave of emotions for netizens watching. Apparently, Pido’s heart-wrenching experiences are something many others have gone through. When it came to love-related questions on the noontime show, he was the man to ask. Pido is open to sharing it with everyone as well because, to him, it is a way to relieve the hurt he feels.

When given a list of situations for a doomed relationship, we find out that Pido had encountered them all and even added that the love of his life once didn’t want to be with him at home.  He also deeply relates to Moira’s “Malaya,” explaining “Gusto ko na lang maging malaya siya kung ‘yon ang gusto niya”.

Some show guests would always try to cheer him up and uplift his spirits. Actress and Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2019 Emma Tiglao offered her beauty and charm to help brighten his day. Viral personality Ate Dick, on the other hand, made him genuinely laugh with her silly jokes and banter.

While on the discussion of why it’s hard to move on, Pido exclaimed “Wala nang tulad niya” and everyone felt that. To push it further, there was a time when Vice asked Pido to act out some hugot lines that were in the Madlang Pi-Poll choices. Vice and co-host Vhong Navarro were starstruck with his narration because the emotion behind it was so real.

Despite these challenges in love, Pido remains optimistic and kind. He shared in one episode that he’d like his ex to be happy. “Kahit ‘di na para sa akin, at least masaya siya. Kasi alam ko naman darating din naman ‘yung araw na magiging masaya din naman ako,” he added hopefully. 

Pido’s love story may have had a sad turn here and there, but it resonated with the madlang people, creating a community that connects and supports each other. Tune in to It’s Showtime to get to know Pido and listen to his heartfelt advice!