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Kumu Queens unravel their beauty queen facets in Showtime All-Access’ Ms Q & A

After playing together in the Madlang Pi-Poll segment of It’s Showtime, Kumu Queens and Pinoy Big Brother Connect alumnae Amanda Zamora, Gail Banawis, and Quincy Villanueva were pitted against each other in the Ms Q & A segment of Showtime All-Access hosted by Karylle.

Inspired by the well-loved Miss Q & A segment of the noontime show, the three gorgeous ladies introduced themselves ala-beauty queen by striking some poses and delivering their respective “kasabihan” or mottos.

Before heading on to the “contest proper” Karylle asked each one of them how their experiences have been as hosts of their respective online shows in the Pinoy community streaming platform Kumu, thus, their moniker “Kumu Queens.” All of them expressed how much they love Kumu as this allows them to display their true selves and virtually bond with one another and their fans everywhere in the world during this pandemic.

After uttering their savage messages to their contenders, they went on with their debate, in which they had to state and defend their arguments with regards to the initial battle question “Kung puwedeng tumakbo ang mga pets, sino ang iboboto mong presidente?” for the first and second rounds. Gail chose ibon or bird, Quincy picked pusa or cat, while Amanda went for aso or dog.

For the final battle question, they were asked one-by-one “Kung magising ka isang araw at lalaki ka na, paano mababago ang buhay mo?” and had to end their respective answers with the popular beauty contest line “And I, thank you!” as well.

Since it’s their first ganap together after their stint in PBB according to them, Gail, Quincy, and Amanda were happy to be given this opportunity to physically bond with one another and not just through virtual events or chats. In the end, Karylle hailed Quincy as the grand winner!

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