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Kim Chiu shares daily routine as noontime show host in “A Day in a Life sa SHOWTIME” vlog

Kim Chiu shared her daily routine and activities as she hosts It’s Showtime in the vlog “A Day in a Life sa SHOWTIME” she recently uploaded to her YouTube channel.

As we see in her vlog, Kim starts her day as early as 6 a.m. sipping her favorite cup of coffee. She would then proceed to her workout session that included circuit exercises and boxing. After finishing her fitness routine at 9:30 am, Kim would then drink celery juice, which she regularly consumes after every workout.

Kim would then prepare for her daily hosting stint on It’s Showtime. She would take a shower and choose her outfit for the show since she is her own stylist. Kim would then go to the ABS-CBN studios for the taping of the noontime show, doing her make-up while on the road. She would then complete her look when she arrived at the studios, as she had hair styled immediately.

After the live show, Kim and the other It’s Showtime hosts had their two-hour break with Kim taking her first meal of the day and her power nap. She would even watch a series while on her break. As she waited for the next taping to begin, Kim asked her It’s Showtime family the age-old question about what really came first, the chicken or the egg? She then got hilarious answers from her co-hosts and production staff.

After the second taping at 8 p.m., Kim really wanted to put an end to the dispute so she sought out Kuya Kim Atienza for answers.   After giving his usual religious and scientific perspectives on the matter, Kuya Kim concluded that indeed, the chicken came first, and his answer finally enlightened our Chinita Princess.

In the last part of Kim’s vlog, she expressed how grateful and thankful to be a proud member of It’s Showtime. She shared that the whole team - from the staff to her co-hosts, really treats her like family.

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