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Kim Chiu pranking It’s Showtime family

As part of the It’s Showtime family, Kim Chiu is usually on the receiving end of their hilarious pranks, tomfooleries, and jokes. But in her latest vlog, she became the prankster as she called some of her co-hosts to mockingly seek their help for a ridiculous legal matter she and her family is facing.

She commenced the vlog by expressing how nervous she was in executing this prank since it was her first time doing so. It may not be her nature to trick others because she doesn’t want to be pranked nor the feeling of it, yet she decided to accept the challenge insistently requested by her fans and subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Then she explained the prank, in which she would tell her co-hosts that the “Immigration” notified her that she will be deported back to China and ordered to pay Php 80 million since their patriarch’s purchase of their family surname years ago was considered invalid, making them still Chinese citizens.

The Chinita Princess initially called Teddy Corpuz, who advised her not to worry and expressed his willingness to lend her money. Ryan Bang, who is knowledgeable in this kind of situation since he’s a Korean citizen with permanent residency here in the Philippines, also promised to help her with her citizenship and financial woes by asking assistance from one of his friends. 

Jugs Jugueta, on the other hand, couldn’t help but swear as Kim narrated to him her current circumstance, yet promised to help her connect with one of her lawyer-friends. Her story also shocked and got Tyang Amy Perez extremely worried, so she offered to help her find a lawyer that could help her and her family with their dilemma.

After being able to persuade them with her narrative, with the help of the “Best Actress” performance she unleashed, she couldn’t help herself from laughing out loud because of their hilarious reactions upon hearing from her that it was only a prank.

She wrapped up her vlog by imparting how nerve-wracking yet fun the challenge was, and thanked Teddy, Ryan, Jugs, and Tyang Amy for their willingness to help her in times of trouble. Watch this video to see everything that happened in Kim’s prank calls with her beloved co-hosts.

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