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Kim Chiu shares stories behind favorite pairs from huge boots collection

We would usually see Kim Chiu pull off her outfit with a pair of boots that are partnered with a sexy top and a pretty mini skirt or short shorts, especially during her dance performances in ASAP Natin ‘To or hosting stints in It’s Showtime – as seen in her “OOTD” posts on Instagram.

Her fans and avid followers of her YouTube channel could recall that she already vlogged about her white sneakers collection a year ago. So this time, she shared with everyone her enviable collection of boots that she has used through the years.

The Chinita Princess shared that her love for boots actually began when she was just starting in her showbiz career. She recalled feeling shy during those days when she didn’t have any pair that she could use for her production numbers and would put on the same trusty rubber shoes she used during rehearsals. There were also instances that other artists would lend her their boots.

Those served as a motivation for Kim to work even harder for her to finally have her own pair of boots. And now, she doesn’t have only one pair but has already collected a wide array of boots in different designs, colors, and height.

Moving on to the exciting part of the vlog, Kim started to show her most valuable pairs of boots. She first shared that the first ever pair of boots she bought has already served her well, so it now looks old and dilapidated.

She showed her first pair of thigh high boots, which is a high-heeled leather black pair that she has been using for 10 years already. She confessed being hesitant to purchase it because it was pricey, but her Ate Lakam told her to just consider it as an investment. And Kim is very happy for doing so because until now, the boots is still in good condition – from the sole, to the heels, and to its leather shaft.

The 30-year-old actress also admitted that she used to prefer style over comfort before, yet she eventually realized that she should always prioritize comfort above all because if you’re comfortable with what you wear, you will look more confident when performing and you can dance properly. She showed the 5-inch high-heeled boots that made her feel uncomfortable and lose her balance.

Kim then showed another pair that’s actually one of her favorites – a black knee-high flat boots that she always uses whenever she performs a challenging dance number. If you think she only buys herself high-end pairs of boots, then you’re wrong. In fact, she actually tried purchasing boots online and it was worth it! One pair cost only less than Php 500, so she decided to buy two pairs in white and black.

The branded pairs that Kim bought for herself were really appear unique. She has one from Gucci that she got during a show in New Jersey, USA; two neon-colored pairs from Balenciaga; a Puma pair that she usually wears during her performances; a very classy-looking thigh-high boots from Christian Louboutin she used in her 10th anniversary concert; a black Moschino boots that has chains as accessories; and a Steve Madden over-the-knee boots that has crystals all over it. Lastly, Kim also has three pairs from Naked Wolf which is one of her most favorite brands.

Just when we assume that her boots are just for her on-screen appearances, Kim also has pairs that she wears in her travels. According to her, she loves to wear boots in her trips and uses either her flat boots or the pairs that are fit for winter season. When asked how she takes care of her boots, Kim shared that they actually put a silica gel to maintain the moisture of the boots for a long time even if it’s not always used.

Click on this video to see some of the pairs that are part of Kim’s massive and beautiful boots collection! You may also catch her on It’s Showtime from Mondays to Saturdays and on ASAP Natin ‘To on Sundays!