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Kim Chiu finds out what It’s Showtime fam’s last internet searches

We usually see them having their kulitan moments on-screen every noontime from Monday to Saturday. And, apparently, the same goes for the It’s Showtime fam whenever they are together off-cam, just like what we’ve seen in the latest vlog of host Kim Chiu.

While waiting for their turn on the stage, the Chinita Princess raided her co-hosts’ phones on the spot and asked them one-by-one what their last three Google searches were. The first to face the challenge was Jugs Jugueta, who didn’t have any. On the other hand, his partner Teddy Corpuz recently looked for a certain brand of cereals, the earliest flight from Butuan City to Manila, and an express delivery company.

Vhong Navarro was seemingly nervous at first to show his as it took him a long time, only to find out that he had none. On the other hand, Ogie Alcasid willingly handed his phone to Kim and they discovered that his top searches were all about one particular bank.

She was also able to corner Showtime Sexy Babe judge JC de Vera, who’s apparently going on a vacation trip with his family as he searched for a hotel in Cebu via an online travel booking platform and the weather in Los Angeles City, California in September. He also looked up for restaurants at a local mall and gyms near him.

Kim and Teddy had a chance to peek on Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga’s phone while at the hallway, and her list included “supers meaning,” “pilates machine,” and “closed van.” However, what caught their attention was her search regarding “when you’re experiencing stomach pain is it effective to prick your finger,” which made of them laugh.

Tyang Amy Perez, meanwhile, revealed that she doesn’t have Google since she didn’t want it to know her algorithm to avoid getting pop-up ads based on her search. Ryan Bang also had none since he’s using a Korean search engine.

Showtime Sexy Babe judge Jameson Blake also willingly obliged to Kim’s challenge and revealed that his were “Bon Jovi,” “friends can’t add me on Facebook,” “kneading massage,” and “iPhone 13”.

Jhong Hilario then tried to trick her by searching “kimmy” prior to his turn. But his recent searches showed “halalan 2022 results,” “sea shanty lyrics,” and “railway” were his top 3. Karylle, meanwhile, looked Korean actor Kim Seon-ho since she was supposed to watch his play during their recent trip to South Korea, then “food near me,” and Chinese street food place in San Juan City.

She then raided not only the dressing room, but the Google search history of Anne Curtis. The latter initially had quite a hard time figuring where to see it, but they eventually discovered that hers were “best lasagna,” “kids clothes,” “blk”, “registration for the gym,” and “adventure zone.”

Many were as surprised as Kim when Vice Ganda shared that the last things he looked up for were related to food, “Adam and Eve in the Bible,” “subconscious meaning,” an outfit of BTS member V that he probably eyes to cop, and “breast-feeding horse,” which probably had to do something with her recent hilarious Twitter exchange with Anne that went viral online.

Aside from her It’s Showtime fam, she also asked Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes to whom she both worked with for a project. For Seth, his latest were iWantTFC shows, a few that were related to shoes, guitar chords of the song “Everything I Do,” reggae music video, and a certain restaurant.

And lastly, Andrea, who initially shocked Kim with her wallpaper, which is of her boyfriend Ricci Rivero flaunting his well-chiseled abs. They then proceeded to her top 3 Google searches, which were “where to see history of ML custom,” US dollar to Philippine peso conversion, and “burnout,” which was mentioned to her by Carlo Aquino when they had an interview at the United States embassy.

Whose latest Google search stunned you the most, Kapamilya?

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