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Karylle Ryan Firing Showtime All Access

It’s Showtime hosts Ryan Bang and Karylle gave us a thrilling adventure in their new Showtime All- Access video. While the It’s Showtime family was taping in Clark, Pampanga, the two hopped on a quick trip to try out firing and archery in the area.

The tandem excitedly got hold of the archery gear since it’s their first time. While they were able to shoot the arrows across the field, it took both of them a while to hit the targets. Regardless, they were happy with how it went. Karylle even made a happy dance while firing arrows.

When it was time for them to go into the firing range, they already got the hang of shooting far targets. “Asintado pala ako!” Ryan even said after he was able to successfully hit targets with just a few tries.

Are you also looking to try these unique activities? Watch the whole video to check out how Ryan and Karylle’s experience was!