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Karylle pranks TNT Boys in Showtime All-Access

From raiding the bag of her Divine Diva mom Zsa Zsa Padilla and unravelling the beauty queen facets of Kumu Queens in the previous episodes, Karylle truly amused us in the October 6 episode of Showtime All-Access by asking around for pick-up lines and pranking the TNT Boys!

In the first part, the gregarious host showed the pa-tweetums side of the It’s Showtime family as she roamed around the studio to search for the “Don and Doña Romantikos” in the staff, crew, or guests who could deliver their kilig yet cringey pick-up lines. As the host, she started off the challenge by uttering her own, which was “Nang nakita kita, na-lowbatt ako. Na-lowbatt first sight.”

Headwriter Waldo Bautista, writer France Espanol, setman Alvin Peda, DJ MOD, cameraman Pido, and guests Dante Gulapa and Hero Angeles -- who were both players in the “Squid Game: Extra Life” mini gameshow featured on the program – all attempted to thrill us with their pickup lines. But in the end, it was Hero who won over Karylle’s heart with his “Alam n’yo ba kung ano pinagkaiba namin ni Dr. Jose Rizal? Si Rizal nasa piso, ako nasa puso mo.”

Moving on to the second part, Karylle tricked the TNT Boys – comprised of Mackie Impuerto, Francis Concepcion and Keifer Sanchez – into believing that someone indeed farted during their mock interview. It can be recalled that the talented trio recently played in the Madlang Pi-Poll segment.

Since they couldn’t smell anything, the three were befuddled by what was going on, especially when the host went out of the room and a staff began to spray air freshener and teased them that they probably lost their sense of smell.

As she went back inside, Karylle and the staff further kidded them by asking Francis if it was him, before breaking to them that it was only a prank.

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