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Karylle Reax Showtime All-Access

It’s Showtime fans enjoyed the virtual YouTube hang-out called “Showtime All Access” as Karylle did a short “Showtime Reax” video. The multi-talented Kapamilya host answered some of netizen’s questions as well as reacted to a much-loved ViceRylle clip.

As an influential personality and endearing idol to many, fans were interested to know about Karylle’s special moments in her personal life and her valuable tips to other people. Being the wife of Spongecola frontman Yael Yuzon, fans wanted to know the sweetest thing he’s done for her and their favorite bonding moment. She shared that she recently joined her husband in his past time of playing Mobile Legends because, as she quoted, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Some were also interested to know if Karylle would be publishing a book someday because she has a creative way with her words. Karylle said that she would love to someday, but she is still mustering the courage to do so because writing poems, which is what she would produce a lot, bares too much about herself compared to writing music.

Aside from answering fun questions, she also entertained those seeking advice. A notable one was about advice to people with anxiety. Karylle imparted that she herself would feel mental struggles and advocates for people to seek help. She cites doing retreats or getting counselling as things that help her personally. “Sometimes ang laki ng problema natin sa mind natin, pero ‘pag may nakakausap ka na ng professional.. Parang lumiliit ‘yung problema tapos ‘di na siya ganun ka-overwhelming. ‘Yung parang ‘di ka na nalulunod sa problema,” she added.

For the second part of the virtual bonding, Karylle reacted to one of the most iconic ViceRylle moments on It’s Showtime. After all, it’s a loveteam on the noontime show that many miss and support up to this day. She watched the day when she and Vice hugged after a longstanding misunderstanding that the madlang people witnessed. The two hosts made up on the show after they realized that their love as a family was more important than a silly divide.

It was a special moment for her and fellow ViceRylle fans Samantha Pasamanero and Christina Gonzales, who she chatted with in the YouTube video. Samantha is a supporter from day one of Vice and Karylle throwing pick-up lines at each other, while Christina is an avid viewer of the noontime show that always adored the ViceRylle moments on the “Sine Mo ‘To” segment.

After a while of reminiscing, Karylle expressed how grateful she is for fans like them because they inspire her and other people to maintain love and peace despite trying times or misunderstanding with people you care for.

Check out the whole video to learn more about Karylle and the memorable ViceRylle team up!