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Kapamilya Toplist: Moments Vice Ganda gives thought-provoking, helpful real talk on life, love on It’s Showtime

Vice Ganda is indeed loved by his fans not only because of his unmistakable humor and incredible talents, but also of his unbelievable wisdom that he’s able to exhibit through the sensible pieces of advice that he randomly utters on It’s Showtime.

He would not think twice to share what his thoughts are about a certain matter or issue, especially when he knows that someone needs it. Here are some of the most remarkable and thought-provoking advices that he has shared with everyone – may it be about love, career, and life in general!

Life advice

The Unkabogable Star usually does this in the Tawag ng Tanghalan segment, wherein he and his co-hosts talk to each of the contestants after their respective performances. 

In one of the episodes, a contestant shared that he feels like life is so much easier abroad than life here in the Philippines. But he also revealed that the reason he still goes back here is his family. Thus, Vice commented, “At some point, kailangan mong puntahan ulit ‘yung pamilya mo,” and added that nothing could indeed compare to the joy that your family brings to your heart. Besides, it’s almost every Filipino’s dream for us to not have to seek greater opportunities in other countries and be away from our families just to live a good and comfortable life.

Aljon, another participant, confessed that he actually finds it hard to open up to people, including his family, and confide his problems to them because he believes that there’s really no one who can genuinely listen to him and understand him. But Vice assured him that there are people out there who are willing to listen to him and maybe he’s just the one holding himself back to trust them. He asked him, “Paano kung siya ‘yung tamang tao pero ayaw mong ibigay ‘yung tiwala?

When asked by Jhong Hilario what instance would make him refuse to give another chance, Vice answered that it’s when someone does not pay their debt. He replied, “’Yong utang kahit hindi sinisingil dapat binabayaran”, reiterating that it’s not actually about the money for him, but more of the trust issue.

Especially this pandemic, Vice shared that he’s delighted that more and more people, including his partner Ion Perez, are becoming interested in biking and are doing it as their exercise. However, he also reminded all the bikers and motorcycle riders to always be careful and cautious every time they’re on the road because one mistake could really affect their lives and of those people around. He reminded, “’Wag ‘yong singit nang singit sa gilid”.

Since they’ve been doing Tawag ng Tanghalan for how many years and seasons already, the Unkabogable Star couldn’t help but notice how some contestants seem to only aim for them to just successfully pull off their piece. He advised that it’s better to set bigger goals and dreams for themselves and that they should always aim to win every time they join contests. He said, “Never settle for anything less than you deserve”.

Love advice

Aside from being a life coach, Vice sometimes also serves as a love guru whenever a contestant mentions their romantic affairs and love woes.

One contestant divulged to him and Vhong Navarro how she immediately calls it quits with her partner whenever they would have misunderstandings or she would get hurt. Thus, Vice reminded her that her partner may assume that she doesn’t value him and their relationship enough and advised her, “’Wag mo ipu-push palayo ‘yung isang bagay na maganda.” He added that they should learn how to compromise and make things work if the relationship is really important to them.

He seemed to further explain it in another episode as he advised couples who normally face a time in their relationship where they would have misunderstandings, “Kailangan n’yong ipaglaban ang isa’t isa pero hindi n’yo kailangan labanan ang isa’t isa”. Vice emphasized that it’s normal for couples to have shortcomings in the relationship, but it’s not enough reason for them to give up. Besides, fighting your partner is different from compromising with him.

The Unkabogable Star also shared his own sentiments about the things you should consider when you’re unsure whether to continue your relationship with your partner or to give it up. Vhong exclaimed that he knew that he was already sure of building a family with his partner when he realized that he and the woman that he loves already went through a lot and spent enough time together. 

While it’s good, Vice said that you should also have to consider other important things. For instance, you should evaluate and realize whether there are more happy moments and memories made than the sad ones; whether your partner is your stress-reliever or the one causing you stress; whether he helps you reach your dreams and goals or is a hindrance; whether he’s proud of you or not; and most importantly, whether he really makes you genuinely happy or not. He stressed, “Kailangan maging matalino tayo kung ano ‘yung pagkakaiba ng napapasaya ako o nauuto ako”.

Of course, he also has a valuable message for those who feel sad because they still haven’t found a partner yet. “Wala kang jowa kasi baka hindi mo pa kaya,” he stated, explaining that just because you’re not in a relationship right now doesn’t mean that you do not deserve it. It can mean that the God just wants you to focus on yourself first so that when you’re ready, you can share your love to other people.

Everything under the sun

Much to everyone’s surprise, a contestant courageously confessed how his participation in Tawag ng Tanghalan drew flak from people who knew how supportive he was of the shutting down of ABS-CBN.  Apologetic of what he did, Vice Ganda admitted that he actually didn’t know how he would talk to someone who wished the loss of more than 11,000 people’s jobs and who somehow caused the loss of someone’s precious life because of situation. Yet he chooses to accept what has already happened, saying, “Everybody is deserving of all the chances”.

As they talked about what plot twist they would never want to happen in their life, Vice said he couldn't imagine what life would be like if It’s Showtime comes to an end because he could never accept that. He recalled that during those times when the ratings of the show plummeted, he was already expecting the management to call him and tell him that it’s already over for them. But that never happened. Thus, he vowed, “Hindi rin kita iiwanan, katulad ng hindi mo pag-iwan sa akin noon”.

As one contestant imparted how she would always draw strength from God and talk to Him whenever she feels happy, scared, or down, the Unkabogable Star revealed that he actually does the same, too. That’s why he told everyone to simply go back to their strength and not let other things or people take over their energy or their happiness, conveying, “Kailangan mo maging tao”.

Things got touching on the set after one of the contestants introduced himself as the father of two of Vice’s scholars. He emotionally shared that he has been helping his children with their education, so he really wanted to personally thank him for all the help that he has given to their family. With this, Jhong uttered, “Akala ng iba nagpapatawa lang si Vice. Pero hindi alam ng mga tao na marami siyang tinutulungan na, hindi niya kailangan mag-ingay”.

If you’re going to ask one advice from Vice Ganda, what will that be, Kapamilya?

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