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Kapamilya Toplist: It’s Showtime family’s fashionable and scene-stealing Saturday OOTDs!

In the past decade, we’ve usually seen the It’s Showtime fam all-glammed up every time they’re celebrating a special fete – grand finals of their segments, their annual Magpasikat shindig, or one of them has marked a momentous milestone in their life.

But in recent weeks, they’ve come up with the idea of stylishly dressing up every Saturday according to a particular theme, which has made every end of the week truly special. From streetwear to vintage prom looks, let’s check out the fashionable and scene-stealing Saturday OOTDs of our beloved It’s Showtime family in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

It all started in the February 19 episode when they brought us to Japan in their Harajuku-inspired fashion. The hosts disclosed that it was actually the idea of Vice Ganda, who suggested on their group chat the night before that they wear something different the following day. The Unkabogable host imparted that he was browsing through Pinterest and came across images of Harajuku fashion, which he forwarded to their group chat. They all agreed, led by Ogie Alcasid who initially had a difficult time coming up with a peg that is young and trendy.

The following Saturday, they made the madlang people miss school as they went to work in preppy outfits. According to them, they’re only able to come up with a motif at midnight since Vice was at his Nanay Maricel Soriano’s birthday party, yet they were still able to pull off the schoolgirl and schoolboy get-ups.

They then brought out the vintage clothes and accessories they’ve been hiding in their closets and went on to sashay on the It’s Showtime stage in their dazzling Gucci Retro look during the March 5 episode, which really brought major nostalgia vibes.

The gregarious fam then brought us around the world with their streetwear inspired by the different countries. Ion Perez represented the United States of America, Karylle wore a shimmering costume similar to those women from India, Amy Perez topped her modern look with a blazer and accessories made of native materials from the Philippines, Ogie Alcasid wore a denim jacket with colorful accents to represent South Africa, Vice looked kawaii in his flamboyant outfit, Vhong Navarro was hippie in his Jamaican-inspired get-up, Kim Chiu stayed true to her “Chinita Princess” moniker as she represented a modern Chinese, Ryan Bang was indeed proud to be a South Korean, Jugs Jugueta looked handsome in his Indonesian attire, while his partner Teddy Corpuz wore a skirt inspired by the traditional uniform of Scottish guards.

They once again brought nostalgia when they dressed in elegant gowns and dapper suits, as if they were attending a Juniors and Seniors’ promenade (a.k.a. JS Prom) during their March 19 episode. With how they look cute together, Vice Ganda and Vhong were crowned the Prom Queen and King of their 80s-themed dance party.

And last March 26, they showcased their sporty side by wearing outfits inspired by different sports. Ion was a racecar driver, Karylle a female boxer, Tyang Amy a golfer, Vice a horse jockey, Vhong a baseball player, Kim an archer, Ryan a volleyball player, while Jugs was a basketball coach.

Last April 2, we really admire their colorful outfits as they celebrated the Unkabogable Star’s 46th birthday.

What motif do you wish the It’s Showtime fam to wear next?