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Kapamilya Toplist: Ion’s amusing stories about his dogs and ants on It’s Showtime

From being that timid, probinsyano guy – who was too shy to talk in front of the camera every time he is summoned by It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda – we have witnessed how Ion Perez has gained his confidence and become chatty as time goes by.

And from simply entertaining us with his quirky dance moves and other little shenanigans, he’s now able to keep pace with the gregarious hosts of the well-loved noontime show and become one of its faces. As he’s been in a relationship with Unkabogable host Vice Ganda for years now, not to mention that they’ve been married since last year, it is arguably inevitable that Ion is able to acquire his wit as times go by.

In this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, let’s revisit Ion’s amusing narrative about his pet dogs and “trainee” ants that he’s been sharing during the “Sexy Babe” segment.

Apparently, it all started when Vice imparted that their neighbors called them out because of the irritating incessant barking of their dogs, specifically Ion’s new pet Igor, a European Doberman. Puzzled what could be the reason about it, Ion jested that their other dogs Mishka and Chip In were actually asking Igor “500,000 plus 500,000,”, so Igor responded to them by barking.

A few days after, he went on to talk about his trainee ants and related that one of their trainings actually didn’t push through as one of them had a problem at home. He recounted what they discussed and this was when he began to blurt out his “ant jokes” that everyone in the studio, and probably even the madlang people, truly enjoyed.

In the following episode, he shared that he actually had to postpone his trainings with the ants as his pet dog Igor started to get jealous, snob him, and not take a bath, making it “dog-yot” (or unkempt). He then revealed having two new recruits, who he named “Imelda Puppy” and “Aso Taulava”, as they love to sing on the jukebox and play basketball respectively. He also announced that he has already established an imaginary school he calls “Ion Dog and Insects Training Academy” (or I.D.I.T.A).

The following day, Vice asked him how his trainee ants had been, to which Ion responded that he decided to give them rest upon realizing that their daily trainings stresses them out. He then went on to relate that they actually almost got ran over by a speeding car as they attempted to walk backwards. Thus, he decided to just send them to “Ant-ipolo” via his car.

And in his latest update, he reported that the ants got traumatized after what happened to them, so they requested Ion if they could provide a service for them. The tragic accident actually killed one of the ants, which was buried earlier that day at the ant cemetery called “Huling ANT-ungan.” They may be dismayed that the ants weren’t fans of their program, but Vice, who’s his biggest fan, appreciated the joke.

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