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Kapamilya Toplist: Ion Perez and his funny, playful, endearing aura on It’s Showtime

With his good looks and alluring physique, it’s safe to say that Ion Perez is a certified Kapamilya hunk. Add to that his sense of humor and positive aura that just bring good vibes not only to the Madlang People, but of course, to the love of his life Vice Ganda. Here are some of the fun and kilig moments of Ion on It’s Showtime!

In one of the episodes of the segment Mr. Q & A on It’s Showtime, Ion was telling hosts Vhong, Vice, and Anne that the lights weren’t working - and Ion was saying it in a shouting-like manner. That’s why Anne got to ask him if that’s how he says ‘I love you’ to Vice. Vhong then asked him and Vice to reenact how they tell ‘I love you’s’ to each other. After doing it, they noticed that Ion got teary eyed. And when Vice noticed it, for some reason, he also got carried away. When Vhong asked Ion why he suddenly shed tears, he said that it’s just such a delight to see that the person you love is happy.

During the Magpasikat 2019, the team of Vice Ganda showcased an inspirational “hair story” which aimed to share his foremost advocacy of supporting people who have alopecia areata. After his performance, he expressed gratitude to all the people who have helped him along the way - people who were always by his side, and of course, he gave special appreciation to Ion whom he described as his “katuwang sa buhay.” “You don’t need to be loved by the whole world; you only need yourself and one person that you love to accept and love you back,” Vice said, telling the people that he also needs the presence of and help from people around him. Ion became emotional as he said that Vice as Tutoy is what he truly loves about him.

Since then, Ion Perez has grown and became more natural as a mainstay host on the hit noontime show!

More recently, in the fourth test of the segment “'Mas Testing,” Tumpak Tracer Vhong Navarro was asked to choose who between Ryan Bang and Ion was wearing a darker shade of underwear, and he picked the latter. After Ryan showed the color of his underwear, which was old rose, Vice asked Ion to do the same. But Ion was shy at the beginning because a part of his underwear was actually torn.

In the segment “Name It To Win It,” Vice shared that Ion was jokingly confronting him about his animal-printed top that he was wearing on that day. And while he found it so funny, Vice shared that it’s because he actually asked Ion to stop wearing any animal-printed shirt. That’s why Ion jokingly said that it was unfair.

The madlang people also love watching Ion’s sweet side. When Vice Ganda was absent in one of the episodes of It’s Showtime, Ion gave a sweet message for the Unkabogable Star. “Babe, rest ka lang dyan. I love you,” he told Vice. “Relax ka muna dyan, ako muna magwo-work,” Ion added.

Ion is certainly good when it comes to hitting the right pickup lines for his partner Vice, whom in return gets super kilig with it. One time, before they started playing “Name It To Win It,” the hosts shared their own ‘awards’ and when it was Ion’s turn, he said that he is actually ‘summa’ which meant ‘summakto sa puso ng mahal ko.” And Vice jumped as he couldn’t contain his kilig feels.

Another time when Ion really made Vice kilig was when they shared their lucky moments at the start of the show. For Ion, he thought he’s lucky because he is actually in love with his best friend.

Kilig moments really didn’t stop with Ion and Vice. For instance, in the segment “Hide and Sing,” Ion chose the first singer, and Vice jokingly expressed that he’s jealous that Ion didn’t pick the same choice that he picked. But Ion made it clear to him that it was just his initial choice and that it could still change. Ion also assured Vice that he shouldn’t worry because at the end of the day, they will go home together.

We have always witnessed how Ion cracks jokes so easily or how he delivers well his sweet pickup lines or sweet messages to Vice, but we have also seen how he easily becomes emotional when it comes to his relationship with Vice. For instance, when Vice sang “Mahal Ako Ng Mahal Ko” which was a surprise gift for his partner, Ion shed tears once again because he said he really couldn’t help but be emotional when he sees the journey that they went through in their relationship.

Not only does Ion possess the good looks and a good sense of humor, he also has an impressive talent in singing! One of the contestants in Tawag ng Tanghalan shared that when she and his partner would have arguments, he just lets him go outside for a while so he can also think and realize what he did wrong. And Vice said it’s actually healthy to do that sometimes. When Vice said “‘Di ba, Ion?” Ion’s rendition of the famous Kapampangan song “O'Jo Kaluguran Daka” was played in the background and Vice was surprised that it was actually Ion who was singing.

Indeed it really is a fun to watch Ion’s hilarious banters with Vice, who would in the end say how the former would always show affection and loyalty to him.  Vice once found it so funny that Ion and Ate Girl Jackque Gonzaga refused to have each other as their partner.

In the segment “Walang Tunugan,” Ion was very happy beating Ultimate BidaMan Winner Jin Macapagal in the first round of the game which challenged them both to open a softdrink can with the least amount of sound. For the following rounds, they were asked to eat chicharon and sweep bottle caps. However, none of them won in those two rounds but Ion was able to advance to the jackpot round because he got one point

And madling people’s Kuya Escort has proudly shown off his talents in dancing and acting! There were several times that Ion showed us his own dance moves with Jackque to the tune of hurado Randy Santiago’s new song, “Dance & Sing (Basta May Social Distancing).”

Ion also showed us more of what he got when he performed in Magpasikat 2020 with Karylle and Jhong in their number, which showed how strong and resourceful Filipinos are when faced with challenges and problems in life.

There is no doubt that Ion is a perfect fit for the It’s Showtime family!