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Kapamilya Toplist: 12 hilarious moments of Reina ng Tahanan choose-gados that made our noontime viewing total fun

Aside from the banters and kulitan of the gregarious hosts of It’s Showtime, the gorgeous and witty ‘choose-gados’ or jurors of the “Reina ng Tahanan” segment have also never failed to amuse us with their innate humor. 

And in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, let’s look back on 12 of their funny moments wherein they were able to unleash their comic sides!

They may be great actresses, but Ruffa Gutierrez and Janice de Belen are both shy in taking on the challenges that the wacky It’s Showtime hosts are requesting them to do. Yet, they would eventually heed, which the madlang people arguably find surprising and amusing at the same time, such as when they did the “Mr. Suave Challenge” and demonstrated how they will handle passengers when they become bus conductors. Ruffa, along with “choose-gados” Karylle and Gelli de Belen, even tried to guess the height of guest host Ogie Alcasid, which truly left us all laughing.

Of course, we also couldn’t help but giggle in their banters with one another and the hosts, like when they talked about their favorite viand (or ulam), when Gelli disclosed how she and older sister and fellow ‘choose-gado’ used to have quarrels during their younger years, and when Ruffa shared the status of her love life at present.

Who could also forget that time when Gelli wasn’t able to stop herself from commenting on host Kim Chiu’s OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and, at the same time Janice had Ruffa show her slick retro pants? The same with how Janice improvised her background for her top to not complement the red curtain behind them. There were also instances when they talk about fashion by sharing the story behind their chosen pieces in some episodes.

Aside from their banters, they also got us entertained with their attempts in showing off their dancing and singing skills due to the hosts’ incessant prodding. Gelli sang a bit only to be poked fun at by Ruffa because she thought that the former’s voice is seemingly worse than her. Meanwhile, after gamely grooving along with the hosts and her fellow ‘choose-gados’ Ruffa and Janice as they hopped on the dance challenge made up by Ogie and Vhong Navarro, Melai Cantiveros-Francisco went on to express what everyone are surely waiting for this season by singing Aegis “Christmas Bonus”.

Whether you need serious advice or just want a reason to laugh, the ‘Choose-gados’ know exactly what to say or do!

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