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Showtime hosts & the love of their lives

In the past 15 years, the ever-gregarious It’s Showtime family has indeed never failed to provide the madlang people with laughter and good vibes every noontime from Mondays to Saturdays. While they make it look easy through their hilarious banters and antics on-and-off-cam that seem to be endless, we all know how a challenging and gargantuan task it could be to fulfill that mission.

But thankfully, they have precious people in their lives who serve as their wellsprings of love, strength, happiness, and inspiration, making it easier for them to keep on doing what they’ve been doing in the past years. And among them are their beloved partners in life!

Let’s revisit some of the lovely moments they have created with their better halves in this edition of Kapamilya Snaps!


 Vice Ganda and Ion Perez

Ardent supporters of the ‘unkabogable’ couple would know that their paths initially crossed through their funny interaction in Gandang Gabi Vice in October 2017, wherein Ion was part of the live studio audience. Not long after, he got hired to be the “Kuya Escort” of the Miss Q & A segment, wherein they began to make us kilig with their impromptu skits along with “Ate Girl” Jackie Gonzaga. It was during the 10th anniversary celebration of It’s Showtime in 2019 when the two confirmed their relationship on national TV.

Since then, the couple has been very much open in sharing their sweet moments together, such as when they celebrated their third anniversary by getting married on October 19, 2021 through an intimate civil ceremony at the famous “The Little Las Vegas Chapel.” In the almost three years that they’ve been married, Vice and Ion have conquered the world together literally and figuratively as they fight against bashers hand-in-hand and go to different places here and abroad.


Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff

It was in 2009 when Anne and Erwan first met during their vacation in Barcelona, Spain along with their close friends, in which she found out that he was “maaaajorly crushing” on her. They started dating in 2010 and had been spotted together in different occasions – from celebrity events to holiday getaways and music festivals.

After more than six years of dating, they finally got engaged in 2016, which they announced through a vlog entitled “Going Around New York City and Connecticut (Best Trip Ever).” They tied the knot a year later on November 12, 2017 through a rustic outdoor wedding ceremony held in New Zealand, and eventually became parents to their unica hija Dahlia Amelie who was born on March 2, 2020 in Australia. Both of them may have been really busy with their respective careers, but the couple makes sure to always have time with their daughter by going on adventures and creating more memories as a family.


Jhong Hilario and Maia Azores

Age is definitely just a number for Jhong and his longtime non-showbiz partner Maia who, despite having a 15-year age gap, are deeply in love with one another. Before becoming the lovely and happy couple that they are at present, the two had to go through a lot of hurdles and setbacks first, particularly in the early years of their relationship, which they’re able to overcome.

In one of her Instagram posts in 2018, Maia revealed that Jhong is actually her first-ever boyfriend. And they’re obviously on their road to forever, especially now that they are already parents to the lovable and talented three-year-old Sarina, who has become an internet superstar. Before and after having their daughter, Jhong and Maia’s apparent favorite activity to do together is travelling, as they’ve already visited many beautiful destinations here and abroad.


Vhong Navarro and Tanya Bautista

Just in case you do not know yet, Vhong and wife Tanya met on the set of the 2008 Star Cinema flick “My Only U”, in which he was the leading man while she was among the writers. Sparks seemed to have flown between them immediately, which led to a beautiful and strong romantic affair that has amazingly withstood tremendous challenges in the more than a decade that they’ve been together.

After 11 years of dating, they tied the knot on November 28, 2019 through an intimate holy matrimony held in Kyoto, Japan. Vhong and Tanya also love to travel, which they usually do with his sons Fredriek and Yce.


Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez

There’s definitely no doubt that Ogie and Regine are the epitome of a true power couple. Both of them exceptionally excel in the local entertainment scene as “The Songwriter” and “The Asia’s Songbird” and are both considered as icons.

The OPM icons got married in December 2010 and were blessed with an adorable son they fondly call Nate. In the past years that they’ve been together, Ogie and Regine have been delighting us with their sweetness off-cam, which makes them one of the most well-loved pairs of Philippine showbiz.


Karylle and Yael Yuzon

Another real-life musical pair in this list is Karylle and Yael, whose love story began through a simple exchange on Twitter and a couple of chance encounters. From being friends who loved talking and spending time with each other, they eventually made their relationship official in 2010 and agreed to get married on their third anniversary in late 2013.

They officially became Mr. and Mrs. through an intimate wedding ceremony on March 21, 2014. Both of them may have been busy in their respective endeavors, yet they make sure to always have time with each other and celebrate each other’s milestones. And after 10 years of creating sweet music and traveling together, the Sponge Cola frontman proposed to Karylle in an episode of It’s Showtime last February, which was followed by their renewal of vows last March.


Ryan Bang and Paola Huyong

From being teased about his singleness, Ryan finally found the love of his life in his non-showbiz girlfriend Paola, who he “hard-launched” during the It’s Showtime family’s trip to Hong Kong in October 2023. And during his Magpasikat entry last year along with Anne and Ogie, he imparted how she’s able to restore his faith in love and how he firmly believes that she’s indeed already the one for him.

According to Ryan, their love story started when they met at a football game, the sport that both of them like. In fact, one of their latest bonding moments was watching a football match last February in Japan, where he also accompanied Paola to watch Taylor Swift’s concert. Prior to that, they also traveled to South Korea to visit Ryan’s beloved parents.


Amy Perez and Carlo Castillo

Not much may be known about the love story of Amy with her beloved husband Carlo, but what we’re aware of is that they’re able to withstand the test of time in the almost two decades that they have been together. They dated for eight years before getting hitched on November 12, 2014, more than a year after her previous marriage got annulled. They have been blessed with two kids, Kyle and Seyah, along with Amy’s son Adi.

They may seldom post photos of them together, but when they do, they never fail to make our hearts flutter with kilig. Amy and Carlo seemingly love to go on dates or trips, either with their kids or just the two of them.


Jackie Gonzaga and Tom Doromal

Neither of them has shared how their romantic affair began, but we assume that it was on It’s Showtime since Tom was one of the members of the boy group Hashtags, while Jackie used to be a backup dancer. They prefer to keep their relationship low-key, with both of them only posting several pictures of them together. In spite not seeing much of them in front of the camera, we see how very much happy and in love they both are as they do fun and exciting activities together.


Jugs Jugueta and Andie Aguirre

Another lovely couple that we love seeing together is Jugs and Andie, who never fails to delight their followers every time they post a photo or clip of them together. Despite being busy in their respective careers, they apparently make sure to have time with each other. They usually spend their free time together by going on dates, attending occasions, bonding with their beloved pets, or travelling to different parts of the country or the world – based on their posts on Instagram.


Teddy Corpuz and Jasmin Corpuz

And lastly, who would forget that day when Teddy proposed to her wife, Jasmin, and married her at the same on national television as part of his Magpasikat entry with teammates Jugs and Vice Ganda in 2018? Everyone, especially the bride, was indeed astonished and touched when he suddenly popped the question to her in the middle of their performance and instantly got her dressed to a beautiful white bridal dress for their on-the-spot nuptial. Some of their families and friends, along with the hosts, hurados, and the madlang people stood as witnesses to their admirable union.

They’ve been together for years already and are also blessed with two beautiful kids when their unforgettable wedding happened. Teddy and Jasmin have been sharing their lovely moments together as a couple and with their children Phoebe and Theodore on Instagram, which include going on vacations and dates in and out of the country. Among their sweetest dates was when they celebrated their 17th anniversary of togetherness in 2023.

There’s indeed no doubt that our beloved It’s Showtime hosts are not just winning in front of the camera, but also in real life. Keep on spreading love and happiness, It’s Showtime fam!